06 November 2006

Tally's Multilingual Plan Expended.

After introducing India's first concurrent multilingual business accounting and inventory software for Indian languages, can you think where Tally is heading?. This update on Tally's site can give you a little hint.
The article is telling about what is in release 1.2 but you can easily make out that Tally is aiming its guns for world arena. Soon you could see version of Tally in European languages or may be in Chinese or in Japanese language.
But it is for sure that release 1.2 is having updates for people of Indonesia. Release 1.2 of Tally 8.1 version is having two Indonesian languages Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia. This can tell what is in the mind of Tally people.
By Tally's this release y
ou will be able to transact business across the length and breadth of not only India but Asia and soon whole world, may be!!

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