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In my FAQ series here are some standard FAQ's Plus my added FAQ's on Tally Certified Professional. Tally has started certification for it's software professionals and technology Professionals just like other big software makers like Microsoft, Oracle etc. This certification is given after successfully clearing online examination. These FAQ's would clear your doubts regarding General concept of TCP, The whole certification process and the examination process. Before starting let me share some thing about TCP exam.

The certification exam are of two types. One for Tally Financial Accounting Professionals and another for Tally Technology Professionals. If you are a person who works on Tally software then you can become a Tally Certified Financial Accounting Professional and you have to give an online exam which can be given from any authorized TallyAcademy. This exam is of 90 minutes duration and contains 60 questions regarding Tally and General Business Environment. The passing marks are 55% over all and 50% in first section and 21% in second section.
If you know customization of Tally and know about technology of Tally then Tally Certified Technology Professional is for you. This exam is of 90 minutes having 50 questions and it has three sections viz. Tally , Tally Technologies Basic and Tally technologies advanced.
Tally Academy provides training for each certification.

So here are some FAQ's :


What are the benefits of becoming a Tally Certified Professional (TCP)?
Certifies you as a master of Tally
Certification on Tally, by Tally the creators of Tally
Placement assistance from Tally

Why do a certification on Tally?
The Tally Certification Is a simple and effective way to demonstrate mastery of Tally
Helps employers identify and hire.
Contributes to your professional image, profile, credibility, and career opportunities

How bright are the job prospects for a Tally Certified Professional (TCP)?
Tally Certified Professionals are all those who are successful on the Tally Financial Accounting Certification and Tally Technologies Certification. Tally Business Accounting Software is used by over 18 lakh businesses around the world. What's more, every year tens of thousands of businesses upgrade from manual accounting to accounting on computers' to make their businesses more productive and profitable. Tally is the preferred choice of accounting software for most. These businesses require TCPs to help take informed decisions by unleashing the true power of Tally.

How do I avail the placement assistance?
Once you have successfully completed the test, you will receive an email, from Tally's National Placement Cell, with a login id and password. Go to www.tallysolutions.com and fill up the Job Registration Form. A Placement Executive will get in touch with you and help you in placement.

When will the Syllabus be revised? Will my certification be valid after a new release?
With every release of a new version of Tally the syllabus will be revised. Your certification will stay valid.

How many interviews will I get to attend with the help of the Tally National Placement cell?
Every candidate is entitled to get three interviews after being successful on the certification.

Where can I get detailed information on the Tally Certification?
You can visit the nearest TallyAcademy to get the complete details about certification.

Examination Related

Where do I take up Tally Certification?
You need to visit the nearest Tally Academy to take up the certification tests.

How much does it cost to take the exams?
The cost of the Tally Financial Accounting Certificate Exam is Rs 1350/- plus the
service tax. This is an introductory offer.

The cost of the Tally Technologies Certification Cost Rs.1440/- plus taxes.

You need to purchase a TCP Test Card from an authorized TallyAcademy.

Can I just walk-in, register & take up the test? You can register and take up the certification tests, all on the same day. Carry two passport size photos and any valid photo identity card for authentication.Test can be taken immediately thereafter if a test slot is available. You can call the TallyAcademy in advance to check for test slot availability.

What is the Tally Financial Accounting Certification test format? The Tally Financial Accounting Certification is a 60 questions 90 minute online test. The test is divided into 2 sections: Business Accounting and Business Environment.

What is the Tally Technologies Certification test format? The Tally Technologies Certification is a 50 questions 60 minute online test. The test is divided into 3 sections: Tally, Tally Technologies Basic and Tally technologies Advanced.

Can I cancel my test appointment? You can cancel your test appointment 4 hours before the test is scheduled to begin.
Incase your test is the first test scheduled for the day, inform the earlier evening.

If the schedule precedes a holiday then you should inform at least one business
day prior to the test date. For example, you have scheduled a test for a Wednesday
morning and Tuesday is a holiday, you need to inform the center on Monday latest
by 9 p.m.

Can I reschedule my test appointment?
Yes, refer to above answer.

Can I retake the test? You can retake the test with a15 day gap. Again You have to purchase the TCP Card.
How many times can I retake the test? Does the number of attempts reflect on my score sheet?
You can retake the test as many times as you would like to after paying the required fees for each attempt. The number of attempts or the earlier results will not reflect on your score sheet.

When do I get my score sheet? As soon as you finish the test you can see your score on the screen and print it out as well.

What is the minimum pass percentage for the Tally Financial Accounting Certification? The minimum pass percentage for clearing the test is 55%. Grade A+ is 75% and above, Grade A is 65% to 75%, Grade B is 55% to 65%.

Is there any negative marking for wrong answers and un attempted questions?
There is no negative marking for wrong answers or un-attempted questions.

How long do I wait for the certificate to reach me?
Once you complete the certification examination, you will receive a Tally Certificate from Tally within 21 working days.

How do I get any errors (spelling or data mistakes) on my certificate rectified?
You can check personal information twice – during registration and on your confirmation receipt. If you still have some changes or any errors that you skipped then you can walk into the nearest TallyAcademy and the counselor will help you for a fee.

Any other queries regarding this process are welcomed.
Just add a comment.
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