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Tally 9 : The new version of Tally Accounting Software is coming soon.

It is no more a secrete now that Tally's new version is on cards. According to some unofficial but confirmed sources Tally has completely stopped its 8.1 version. The work is on in full swing and users can see the latest version very soon may be in Dec. The beta version is already there with the testers for testing purpose which is including Tally Payroll and Tally POS (Point Of Sale). This version would be international users also. The languages supported in Singapore, Indonesia would also be included in it. This version is supposed to be capable of handeling large amount of data more easily.
It is note worthy that after Release 1.1 of Tally 8.1 no update were available for last two or three months. This is only because Tally has planned to discontinue its 8.1 version.

Why Tally 9 ?
The people who are close to Tally know it very well that the naming convention of Tally has a very particular pattern and the sum of digits of version is always 9. You can have a look at its previous version like Tally 4.5 , then Tally 5.4 then Tally 6.3, Tally 7.2 now Tally 8.1 and now coming is Tally 9. Tally has adopted this convention in its license no. also. You would find that the total sum of all digits of Tally serial no is 9 or multiple of 9. You would see the pricing of Tally also as 4500/- or 4950/- or 9,900/- or 10800/- etc a combination of 9 .
However the price tag of new version for new users and its existing users is a question of guess for every one.

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