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Payroll with Tally 8.1 : Is it what every body is waiting for ?

Tally's release 1.2 is getting delayed day by day. Many customers of Tally are looking for next release of Tally. Everybody has its own separate reason. I tried to explore their possible reasons. Lets see who they are and why they are waiting for next release.
Tally has launched its version of payroll with Tally 7.2. After introduction of Tally 8.1 it was not a part of the software. Although in Tally 7.2 payroll was an add on module for which you have to pay and not a part of software, but with Tally 8.1 it was not developed even as add on module. At that point many customer who bought Tally 7.2 and upgrade of 8.1 were offered payroll at half the price.
Now people who were using 7.2 and payroll has no other option but to continue working on Tally 7.2 even when version 8.1 is available as they cannot discontinue their work of payroll. Those who have bought version 8.1 and payroll module has no choice to wait for release 1.2 as according to Tally release 1.2 is coming with payroll. These two type of customers are waiting for release 1.2 most eagerly, which may come any time. May be on Nov. 15th.

But there are several other people also who are waiting for next release. These are the people who are experiencing difficulties in rel 1.1 and need modification.
Then there are customers who are using Tally developer for customization of Tally. For version 8.1 developer is not working and customization is being done with tally 7.2 only although customized tdl can work on 8.1. So these people are waiting for release 1.2.
Then there are customers who would like to buy Developer through TVP's as it is now not possible in release 1.1 of Tally 8.1

You may have your own reasons. Lets share it.

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Anonymous said…
What about the Dealers Excise Module.
Shailendra said…
Dealers Excise module is already there in Tally 8.1
You have to activate this feature to yes in F11 features.
Roy said…
how to calculate arear salary in Tally 9 Payroll?

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