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12 Point Checklist if Your Multi User Tally Slows Down

In multi user environment Tally gets slow down due to several reasons. Some times the problem is related to network connectivity and some times it is due to Tally itself. Before getting to solutions we should identify the reasons of slow down.

Networking Checklist
To find out if it is due to networking only then you should check for following :-
1. Network computers are easily accessible to each other . Files can be transferred from one computer to another easily.
If it is not so then you have to do networking again.

2. Check the connectivity by using ping command.
In case of wireless networking the ttl field of ping command should not be higher then 10ms. The command is
ping -t 
where is the ip of machine which you are pinging.

3. Check if this problem is in Tally only and not in other softwares which are used over network.
If the problem is in all applications then you may need to upgrade your hardware or do the networking again. Try increasing RAM. It would help.

4. Check if memory utilization for each computer is proper.
Delete the unwanted programs from system tray or startup lists.

5. Are you still using Hubs?
Switch is better option. Change it immediately.

Tally Checklist
Now comes the Tally part.
1. Check if ip's of each machine are defined.
Each machine should has separate IP in same range. e.g.,  and so on..

2. Your company is having more then one year data?
Split the company data and work in only current year data.

3. Tally.ini setting are correct?
IP of Tally server and proper port no. should be there for each node.
e.g. Tallylicenceserver = (server ip: port no.)

4. More then one company are opened while working?
While opening Tally default company automatically opens. We forget to shut it down before working and open our current company. Put Load Default= No in Tally ini file.

5. Is the best machine in organization is Tally server?
If no then make the fastest machine your Tally server. It would help a lot. If not working then keep the company shut.

7. What is the level of entires? How many entries you daily feed?
This thing decides a lot if number of entries are too much. In that case either switching to Tally 8.1 can help or you have to use thin client environment to work faster.

These steps would help to solve your networking problem


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Anonymous said...

One more way to overcome slow running of tally is to use thinclient lan card on nodes and one strong server. This also helps with speed when using other applications since your node hardisk is not used at all

Shailendra said...

Thanks for your comment.
If thin cards are installed then naturally not only tally becomes faster but all other softwares also.
But before going on thin clients model you should take into consideration all pros and cons of thin client computing. Like configurations, software , backup server and hardware.

Anonymous said...

I got a problems on tally 4.5. on file tr01279 has a problem due to electric shock. now i cannot access to enter data or make changes. Please help me either to recover or delet that particular file.


suman said...

I am using tally 7.2 multi user in my company
tally is running very slow, while saving a voucher , displaing some vouchers with narretion, .. we split the company last month and the DB is lite.

we made our network with cisco switches and i can ping / communicate all the pcs easier and faster.
can anybody tell me wat could be the reason

Anonymous said...

I am using tally 7.2 multi user in my company tally is running very slow
while saving any entries, for 10 min it's fine then it goes down, it takes about 10 min per bill

Anonymous said...

I have tally 9 v 2.11 the latest one. On the client side with normal XP it warks fine but I recently purchased a new laptop with Vista it get slow there. DO you have any solution for the same.

suman said...

Atlast i solved my issue

It was symantec Antivirus which is slow down the access of tally
Symantec Corp edn is having an option, Network scaning option. So when ever a user accessing reports, even saving, it will delay all the process. so who ever feeling slowness in tally in their network should check the firewall/ antivisus on their server and individual pcs


Unknown said...



any body knows it works on network with port with out datasharing??????????

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I am using Tally.ERP 9 Multi user license. Tally.ERP 9 is working very slowly on client nodes. I ave added memory on all machines and put exception for Tally.ERP 9 files on our Anti virus Software i.e AVG 9

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I am using Tally.ERP 9 Multi user license. Tally.ERP 9 is working very slowly on client nodes. I ave added memory on all machines and put exception for Tally.ERP 9 files on our Anti virus Software i.e AVG 9

Elias said...

But it is still running very slowly and whenever I am not using tally for abt 2 minutes it hangs and I terminate the program and restart it again

Anonymous said...

Please advice.

Anonymous said...

i am using tally 9 multi user license.tally is working very slow.please help me.

Suman said...

You should prepare a pc with a fresh copy of os alone and try connect to your tally server. Make sure thatserver side av is disabled. If the tally is running faster the slowness is due to ur av

Anonymous said...

my tally suddenly start work slowly it was working that pc all other program working normal ping also fine. my data in server we are useing multi user all other user dosen't have any problem.i'm use Kaspersky anti virus. what could be problems

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