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How to learn Tally from Home ?

Learning has a cost. Every body who has learned something has paid its cost. You pay cost not only in terms of money but also in other forms too. These forms of paying the price can the time taken or extent of learning etc. Learning Tally is also not an exception. You have to pay the price. Let me explain this fact a little more.

You can learn tally in three different ways. One you learn tally from a person who knows, Two: at your own from books and helping material from net or any other source and Three from an institute who is capable of teaching you tally.
In all three ways you pay the price in different ways. In the first way the price can be the charge you pay plus damage done to you due to lack of knowledge of your tutor. In second case the price can be less in terms of money but can be more in terms of time spent in learning it at your own. In third case price can be the institute fee you have paid and extent of knowledge you have gained or time saved in learning.

The best way too learn is to learn it from some competent institute, preferably from TallyAcademy as the price paid , the extent of knowledge you get and time you spend has perfect balance.

The second option is not bad if you are ready to pay the price in terms of your time. Yes, you can learn tally from home. For that you have to become a keen learner. Lets see how you can learn tally from home.

Arrange for study material :

Before learning Tally first arrange all study material. The best books can be TFAP books which can be bought from any TallyAcademy. They are best because they are about the latest versions and have full features explained with practical examples.There are good amount of exercises are also in it. Except it there are certain other books available in the market specially on Tally.

Arrange for Software :

First of all we have to which software version you want to learn. At this point of time version 7.2 is most appropriate. The books too covers this version. So arrange Tally 7.2 educational version with latest release and with stat files and Help file. The stat files are necessary as these would be necessary for statutory reports like VAT, service tax etc. It may happen that while learning it from books you stuck some where. Or this is also very much possible that what ever you are looking on books is not coming in actual tally. At this point just press help and context sensitive help would come. Study the concept and syntax from there and proceed.
One more difficulty you would face is that as you are using educational version then you would not be able to enter the transactions on actual dates as educational software would only take 1, 2 and 31 of each month. In this situation you have to enter the dates of your vouchers only in 1,2 and 31 date. Believe me you would be able to see all effects except the few like interest calculation, forex gain etc where you would find some difference but it would do.

When you struck up:

When you struck somewhere then you have very few options but these can help.
Contact your peers who have some knowledge of tally software.
Post your query at Yahoo answers, chances are good that you get the answer.
Joint some group on internet where you can mail your queries. TallyUsers is a good choice.
Give your queries at ApniTally.

What to do afterwards:

After completing the books you can give the TCP test in nearest TallyAcademy. You can practice on Demo TCP Test also.

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Update : Jan 2015
TCP Test has been discontinued , Now TIL is the place to learn Tally

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Anonymous said…
I think , Internet is best way of learning not only tally software but every type of Internet technology . But for best gain can only received if some basics should learn from any academy.
But upto date education is only get from internet . There is no subsitute of this .
TALLY Solutions said…
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Yasin Siddiqui said…
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Sachin Bansal said…

Thank you for your helpfull website

I dont know who can help me with this matter.

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