Handeling Printers in Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

Tally software and Printing go hand in hand. A truly Tally user cannot do without printing in Tally. The most beautiful thing about Tally is that what ever screen you can see in Tally irrespective of what report it is or what voucher it is you can take a print out of it. To add one more facility you can take printout after satisfying your self with print preview. The best and most easiest way to take print out is to print every thing on Laser printer. But most of the users who have a great work load use Dot matrix printer to save printing cost and to increase printing speed.
To facilitate the users, Tally has three printing formats or printing modes.
  • Dot Matrix format
  • Neat mode
  • Quick/Draft

All the three modes can work on dot matrix mode but printer have to do extra efforts to work on Neat mode. So user of dot matrix printer work on Dot Matrix mode or in Quick/Draft Mode. The speed of printing, which matters to most of the users is fastest in Quick/Draft mode but the quality is also a little bit poor.

Neat mode is good for laser / Ink jet printers which has an added feature of print preview, which helps you to let it view the size and the contents to be printed.

How to Print :

To print any screen visible you have to press Alt + P or just click on print button on top left side of Tally menu in Tally 8.1 and in the button bar in Tally 7.2 and lower versions.
Few thing has to be decided before continuing with printing. These options can be checked before giving the final printing.
  1. Check the print preview if you are using th Neat Mode. Use Alt + Z for zoom mode and Esc for Normal mode
  2. Check if how many copies of print you want to print. Click No. of Copies Button
  3. If you have pre printed stationery then you have to press Pre Printed Button on Right hand button bar.
  4. Check for printing configuration by pressing F12 button. This would give you the idea about size of the printing space.
  5. You can choose for printing style of invoice also in F12 configuration and check various options regarding printing. It can be Simple mode or without Simple Mode.
  6. Check the Select printer button to select the desired printer. by Default the default printer is picked up.
  7. You can change the title of the printing to be done. Press Title Button on button Bar.
  8. In Tally 8.1 you can select the language in which you want to print. e.g. If company is sending invoice in North India then, it can be printed in Hindi, Hinglish, Punjabi etc.

Troubleshooting the Printing Problems:

Most of the printing problems comes with dot matrix printer. The nature of problem is mostly regarding the size of printer and the size of paper you have defined.
In this case when ever you would try to print the software would exit unexpectedly with giving exceptional message. Some times the message would be insufficient height or width to allocate.
To trouble shoot you have to check of what is the paper size defined in the printer. You can give your custom setting and see if the height and width of the paper matches with the height and width in the Tally printing menu. Try to strike the right combination by changing both the values one by one.
Another problem comes with printer driver. If the machine you are using for tally has too many printers then their printer drivers conflict with Tally. In case of such error tally would give you problem in opening. To sort it out Delete all unnecessary printer drivers.

If any more printer related problem is hunting you then send it to me in comments.

Shailendra Yadav

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