29 November 2006

Tally Configuration : Mold Tally according to your Accounts.

One of my reader and now a user of Tally software approached me for software package for his traveling agency. He has many cars and many drivers which he wanted to manage. He was looking for a software which could take into account of his every vehicle, every trip , every car's maintenance and every driver and his profitability. He was surprised when i told him to develop whole software in two days. He was even more surprised when i told him that every thing is already done in tally. The two days i am taking is to give him demonstration by changing the configuration of tally and entering his sample data.

Such is the beauty of the software. You can adjust it according to your business needs. It doesn't matter if your in service industry or in manufacturing industry or in trading business, Tally fits to all.
Lets see how it can be done. For this all you need is a bird's eye view of features and configuration options of Tally and little bit of your imagination about where you can apply them. A word of precaution here. While configuring tally, only those options should be activated which are needed and all other options should be put to No. The data entry becomes more and more complex with each option put to yes both in F11 Features or F12 Configuration.

While talking about these options the F11 Features are the uniques for each company you create where as F12 Configuration are same for all companies you work on at a time.

F11 :Features
Lets talk about them first. If your business want to give invoices to your costumers then changing feature of Allow Invoicing to yes would enable you to print invoice in tally, for which you can take print outs automatically or on command. Whereas if you don't want to do it then simply use tally to punch in your accounting transactions in it.
Same way activating feature of Integrating accounts with Inventory would enable you to integrate your inventory in your accounts, whereas putting it to No would not mix inventory value with accounts.
Creative use of cost centers and cost categories can give you solutions to many problems which you would leave otherwise. It adds another dimension to how you see your reports under different heads. I keep track of my different business activities viz tally training and Tally software selling and customization by putting them under separate cost centers.
Same way in inventory you can manage different products and group them in different heads and stock categories. You can keep track of your various job works outsourced by making them as different godowns. Put Maintain Multiple Godowns to yes and use addresses for godown in F12 configuration to Yes.
In statutory features also only those which apply to you should be put to yes and their details should be entered correctly. All other features should be put to No.

F12 : Configuration
Configuration screens are different for different each type of activity. You can configure master creation by changing options related to advance entries of item, ledger, vouchers etc.
You can also do the configuration for printing, connectivity, shopping etc or some general configuration. Pressing F12 at any data entry screen would show you the configuration screen of the data entry. e.g. if you press F12 at voucher entry screen then configuration related to entering vouchers would be shown.
By putting single entry mode to yes you can enter faster data in Tally and that also without worrying about whom to Dr. and whom to Cr. For those who are new to accounting this feature is of great help. While entering payment and receipts etc. you need not to worry whom to debit or whom to credit
If you want to put address contact person details of your debtor and creditors then you can select advance entries in masters option to yes in Account/Inventory Info option of Configuration. I use this options to keep track of all my student's address, father's name address and phone no. etc.
You can see all configurations by pressing F12 at Gateway of Tally Menu and can change according to your requirement.

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24 November 2006

How to learn Tally from Home ?

Learning has a cost. Every body who has learned something has paid its cost. You pay cost not only in terms of money but also in other forms too. These forms of paying the price can the time taken or extent of learning etc. Learning Tally is also not an exception. You have to pay the price. Let me explain this fact a little more.

You can learn tally in three different ways. One you learn tally from a person who knows, Two: at your own from books and helping material from net or any other source and Three from an institute who is capable of teaching you tally.
In all three ways you pay the price in different ways. In the first way the price can be the charge you pay plus damage done to you due to lack of knowledge of your tutor. In second case the price can be less in terms of money but can be more in terms of time spent in learning it at your own. In third case price can be the institute fee you have paid and extent of knowledge you have gained or time saved in learning.

The best way too learn is to learn it from some competent institute, preferably from TallyAcademy as the price paid , the extent of knowledge you get and time you spend has perfect balance.

The second option is not bad if you are ready to pay the price in terms of your time. Yes, you can learn tally from home. For that you have to become a keen learner. Lets see how you can learn tally from home.

Arrange for study material :

Before learning Tally first arrange all study material. The best books can be TFAP books which can be bought from any TallyAcademy. They are best because they are about the latest versions and have full features explained with practical examples.There are good amount of exercises are also in it. Except it there are certain other books available in the market specially on Tally.

Arrange for Software :

First of all we have to which software version you want to learn. At this point of time version 7.2 is most appropriate. The books too covers this version. So arrange Tally 7.2 educational version with latest release and with stat files and Help file. The stat files are necessary as these would be necessary for statutory reports like VAT, service tax etc. It may happen that while learning it from books you stuck some where. Or this is also very much possible that what ever you are looking on books is not coming in actual tally. At this point just press help and context sensitive help would come. Study the concept and syntax from there and proceed.
One more difficulty you would face is that as you are using educational version then you would not be able to enter the transactions on actual dates as educational software would only take 1, 2 and 31 of each month. In this situation you have to enter the dates of your vouchers only in 1,2 and 31 date. Believe me you would be able to see all effects except the few like interest calculation, forex gain etc where you would find some difference but it would do.

When you struck up:

When you struck somewhere then you have very few options but these can help.
Contact your peers who have some knowledge of tally software.
Post your query at Yahoo answers, chances are good that you get the answer.
Joint some group on internet where you can mail your queries. TallyUsers is a good choice.
Give your queries at ApniTally.

What to do afterwards:

After completing the books you can give the TCP test in nearest TallyAcademy. You can practice on Demo TCP Test also.

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Update : Jan 2015
TCP Test has been discontinued , Now TIL is the place to learn Tally

23 November 2006

How to hide/protect your company data in Tally

While working on Tally a need to protect your data is felt. There are several ways to protect your data from unwanted people. The technique you put in hiding or protecting your data depends on from whom you want to protect your data.
Every body who works on your computer or share your computer should not have access to your sensitive data. A causal users who sits on your computer would get access to your financial information if it is not protected or hidden from general view.

Protection from Layman

To protect your data from layman or causal user you can put password in company you are working. While creating company put Use security control to Yes and enter the administrator's name and its password.This would offer you first Level of security in Tally.

Protect from people within

Some times you have to protect your company information from people who are into accounts but you want to restrict their access. For example the financial data should not be given to stores or production department, despite the fact all departments are using the same software. For this situation tally has a feature of granting user level access. Specified users can go to specific level only and not beyond that limit. Pres Alt+ F3 in Gateway of Tally and select Security Control. Then you can define the users and their passwords and their level of controls.

Protection from outsiders
Third and the most important people are the outsiders from whom you want to protect your data. These outsiders can be sales tax people or Income tax people or any govt. agency who want to access your data and you want to protect it. These type of people are very hard to avoid. For those tally has provided a facility with stealth security i.e. tally vault password. This facility would hide your company name from screen and data would be encrypted. This data cannot be opened without password. Even if the owner forgets his password then itself no data can be recovered.While in company creation screen just enter TallyVault password. The name of the company would be hidden in company selection screen.

Other Common Sense Tricks
Other then this few common sense techniques can be used to hide company data. These can be:-
  1. Don't save your data in computer, instead use USB pen drive. When computer would not have data then who would get access to it.
  2. Hide directories and files by giving them hidden attribute.
  3. Saving the files to any drive or directory other then Tally's own data directory would not show the company in company selection menu at default location.
  4. Some advance hiding techniques like hiding info in JPG formats etc. can be used.
Another 4 simples ways of protecting your data.

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16 November 2006

Handeling Printers in Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

Tally software and Printing go hand in hand. A truly Tally user cannot do without printing in Tally. The most beautiful thing about Tally is that what ever screen you can see in Tally irrespective of what report it is or what voucher it is you can take a print out of it. To add one more facility you can take printout after satisfying your self with print preview. The best and most easiest way to take print out is to print every thing on Laser printer. But most of the users who have a great work load use Dot matrix printer to save printing cost and to increase printing speed.
To facilitate the users, Tally has three printing formats or printing modes.
  • Dot Matrix format
  • Neat mode
  • Quick/Draft

All the three modes can work on dot matrix mode but printer have to do extra efforts to work on Neat mode. So user of dot matrix printer work on Dot Matrix mode or in Quick/Draft Mode. The speed of printing, which matters to most of the users is fastest in Quick/Draft mode but the quality is also a little bit poor.

Neat mode is good for laser / Ink jet printers which has an added feature of print preview, which helps you to let it view the size and the contents to be printed.

How to Print :

To print any screen visible you have to press Alt + P or just click on print button on top left side of Tally menu in Tally 8.1 and in the button bar in Tally 7.2 and lower versions.
Few thing has to be decided before continuing with printing. These options can be checked before giving the final printing.
  1. Check the print preview if you are using th Neat Mode. Use Alt + Z for zoom mode and Esc for Normal mode
  2. Check if how many copies of print you want to print. Click No. of Copies Button
  3. If you have pre printed stationery then you have to press Pre Printed Button on Right hand button bar.
  4. Check for printing configuration by pressing F12 button. This would give you the idea about size of the printing space.
  5. You can choose for printing style of invoice also in F12 configuration and check various options regarding printing. It can be Simple mode or without Simple Mode.
  6. Check the Select printer button to select the desired printer. by Default the default printer is picked up.
  7. You can change the title of the printing to be done. Press Title Button on button Bar.
  8. In Tally 8.1 you can select the language in which you want to print. e.g. If company is sending invoice in North India then, it can be printed in Hindi, Hinglish, Punjabi etc.

Troubleshooting the Printing Problems:

Most of the printing problems comes with dot matrix printer. The nature of problem is mostly regarding the size of printer and the size of paper you have defined.
In this case when ever you would try to print the software would exit unexpectedly with giving exceptional message. Some times the message would be insufficient height or width to allocate.
To trouble shoot you have to check of what is the paper size defined in the printer. You can give your custom setting and see if the height and width of the paper matches with the height and width in the Tally printing menu. Try to strike the right combination by changing both the values one by one.
Another problem comes with printer driver. If the machine you are using for tally has too many printers then their printer drivers conflict with Tally. In case of such error tally would give you problem in opening. To sort it out Delete all unnecessary printer drivers.

If any more printer related problem is hunting you then send it to me in comments.

14 November 2006

Tally 9 : The new version of Tally Accounting Software is coming soon.

It is no more a secrete now that Tally's new version is on cards. According to some unofficial but confirmed sources Tally has completely stopped its 8.1 version. The work is on in full swing and users can see the latest version very soon may be in Dec. The beta version is already there with the testers for testing purpose which is including Tally Payroll and Tally POS (Point Of Sale). This version would be international users also. The languages supported in Singapore, Indonesia would also be included in it. This version is supposed to be capable of handeling large amount of data more easily.
It is note worthy that after Release 1.1 of Tally 8.1 no update were available for last two or three months. This is only because Tally has planned to discontinue its 8.1 version.

Why Tally 9 ?
The people who are close to Tally know it very well that the naming convention of Tally has a very particular pattern and the sum of digits of version is always 9. You can have a look at its previous version like Tally 4.5 , then Tally 5.4 then Tally 6.3, Tally 7.2 now Tally 8.1 and now coming is Tally 9. Tally has adopted this convention in its license no. also. You would find that the total sum of all digits of Tally serial no is 9 or multiple of 9. You would see the pricing of Tally also as 4500/- or 4950/- or 9,900/- or 10800/- etc a combination of 9 .
However the price tag of new version for new users and its existing users is a question of guess for every one.

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So still you are waiting?

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09 November 2006

Tally Certified Professional : Some FAQ's

In my FAQ series here are some standard FAQ's Plus my added FAQ's on Tally Certified Professional. Tally has started certification for it's software professionals and technology Professionals just like other big software makers like Microsoft, Oracle etc. This certification is given after successfully clearing online examination. These FAQ's would clear your doubts regarding General concept of TCP, The whole certification process and the examination process. Before starting let me share some thing about TCP exam.

The certification exam are of two types. One for Tally Financial Accounting Professionals and another for Tally Technology Professionals. If you are a person who works on Tally software then you can become a Tally Certified Financial Accounting Professional and you have to give an online exam which can be given from any authorized TallyAcademy. This exam is of 90 minutes duration and contains 60 questions regarding Tally and General Business Environment. The passing marks are 55% over all and 50% in first section and 21% in second section.
If you know customization of Tally and know about technology of Tally then Tally Certified Technology Professional is for you. This exam is of 90 minutes having 50 questions and it has three sections viz. Tally , Tally Technologies Basic and Tally technologies advanced.
Tally Academy provides training for each certification.

So here are some FAQ's :


What are the benefits of becoming a Tally Certified Professional (TCP)?
Certifies you as a master of Tally
Certification on Tally, by Tally the creators of Tally
Placement assistance from Tally

Why do a certification on Tally?
The Tally Certification Is a simple and effective way to demonstrate mastery of Tally
Helps employers identify and hire.
Contributes to your professional image, profile, credibility, and career opportunities

How bright are the job prospects for a Tally Certified Professional (TCP)?
Tally Certified Professionals are all those who are successful on the Tally Financial Accounting Certification and Tally Technologies Certification. Tally Business Accounting Software is used by over 18 lakh businesses around the world. What's more, every year tens of thousands of businesses upgrade from manual accounting to accounting on computers' to make their businesses more productive and profitable. Tally is the preferred choice of accounting software for most. These businesses require TCPs to help take informed decisions by unleashing the true power of Tally.

How do I avail the placement assistance?
Once you have successfully completed the test, you will receive an email, from Tally's National Placement Cell, with a login id and password. Go to www.tallysolutions.com and fill up the Job Registration Form. A Placement Executive will get in touch with you and help you in placement.

When will the Syllabus be revised? Will my certification be valid after a new release?
With every release of a new version of Tally the syllabus will be revised. Your certification will stay valid.

How many interviews will I get to attend with the help of the Tally National Placement cell?
Every candidate is entitled to get three interviews after being successful on the certification.

Where can I get detailed information on the Tally Certification?
You can visit the nearest TallyAcademy to get the complete details about certification.

Examination Related

Where do I take up Tally Certification?
You need to visit the nearest Tally Academy to take up the certification tests.

How much does it cost to take the exams?
The cost of the Tally Financial Accounting Certificate Exam is Rs 1350/- plus the
service tax. This is an introductory offer.

The cost of the Tally Technologies Certification Cost Rs.1440/- plus taxes.

You need to purchase a TCP Test Card from an authorized TallyAcademy.

Can I just walk-in, register & take up the test? You can register and take up the certification tests, all on the same day. Carry two passport size photos and any valid photo identity card for authentication.Test can be taken immediately thereafter if a test slot is available. You can call the TallyAcademy in advance to check for test slot availability.

What is the Tally Financial Accounting Certification test format? The Tally Financial Accounting Certification is a 60 questions 90 minute online test. The test is divided into 2 sections: Business Accounting and Business Environment.

What is the Tally Technologies Certification test format? The Tally Technologies Certification is a 50 questions 60 minute online test. The test is divided into 3 sections: Tally, Tally Technologies Basic and Tally technologies Advanced.

Can I cancel my test appointment? You can cancel your test appointment 4 hours before the test is scheduled to begin.
Incase your test is the first test scheduled for the day, inform the earlier evening.

If the schedule precedes a holiday then you should inform at least one business
day prior to the test date. For example, you have scheduled a test for a Wednesday
morning and Tuesday is a holiday, you need to inform the center on Monday latest
by 9 p.m.

Can I reschedule my test appointment?
Yes, refer to above answer.

Can I retake the test? You can retake the test with a15 day gap. Again You have to purchase the TCP Card.
How many times can I retake the test? Does the number of attempts reflect on my score sheet?
You can retake the test as many times as you would like to after paying the required fees for each attempt. The number of attempts or the earlier results will not reflect on your score sheet.

When do I get my score sheet? As soon as you finish the test you can see your score on the screen and print it out as well.

What is the minimum pass percentage for the Tally Financial Accounting Certification? The minimum pass percentage for clearing the test is 55%. Grade A+ is 75% and above, Grade A is 65% to 75%, Grade B is 55% to 65%.

Is there any negative marking for wrong answers and un attempted questions?
There is no negative marking for wrong answers or un-attempted questions.

How long do I wait for the certificate to reach me?
Once you complete the certification examination, you will receive a Tally Certificate from Tally within 21 working days.

How do I get any errors (spelling or data mistakes) on my certificate rectified?
You can check personal information twice – during registration and on your confirmation receipt. If you still have some changes or any errors that you skipped then you can walk into the nearest TallyAcademy and the counselor will help you for a fee.

Any other queries regarding this process are welcomed.
Just add a comment.
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06 November 2006

Tally's Multilingual Plan Expended.

After introducing India's first concurrent multilingual business accounting and inventory software for Indian languages, can you think where Tally is heading?. This update on Tally's site can give you a little hint.
The article is telling about what is in release 1.2 but you can easily make out that Tally is aiming its guns for world arena. Soon you could see version of Tally in European languages or may be in Chinese or in Japanese language.
But it is for sure that release 1.2 is having updates for people of Indonesia. Release 1.2 of Tally 8.1 version is having two Indonesian languages Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia. This can tell what is in the mind of Tally people.
By Tally's this release y
ou will be able to transact business across the length and breadth of not only India but Asia and soon whole world, may be!!

05 November 2006

Payroll with Tally 8.1 : Is it what every body is waiting for ?

Tally's release 1.2 is getting delayed day by day. Many customers of Tally are looking for next release of Tally. Everybody has its own separate reason. I tried to explore their possible reasons. Lets see who they are and why they are waiting for next release.
Tally has launched its version of payroll with Tally 7.2. After introduction of Tally 8.1 it was not a part of the software. Although in Tally 7.2 payroll was an add on module for which you have to pay and not a part of software, but with Tally 8.1 it was not developed even as add on module. At that point many customer who bought Tally 7.2 and upgrade of 8.1 were offered payroll at half the price.
Now people who were using 7.2 and payroll has no other option but to continue working on Tally 7.2 even when version 8.1 is available as they cannot discontinue their work of payroll. Those who have bought version 8.1 and payroll module has no choice to wait for release 1.2 as according to Tally release 1.2 is coming with payroll. These two type of customers are waiting for release 1.2 most eagerly, which may come any time. May be on Nov. 15th.

But there are several other people also who are waiting for next release. These are the people who are experiencing difficulties in rel 1.1 and need modification.
Then there are customers who are using Tally developer for customization of Tally. For version 8.1 developer is not working and customization is being done with tally 7.2 only although customized tdl can work on 8.1. So these people are waiting for release 1.2.
Then there are customers who would like to buy Developer through TVP's as it is now not possible in release 1.1 of Tally 8.1

You may have your own reasons. Lets share it.

Tally peace of Mind offer still there !!

Tally's scheme of Complete peace of mind offer is still there and its in ending phase. It is note worthy that Tally has launched its scheme of offering Rs. 5Lac insurance to all those Tally softwares which a activated or registered between Aug 15 th Nov 15, 2006. In alliance with TATA -AIG general insurance Tally is offering Insurance cover of Rs. 5 lac to Tally customer.
The bifurcation of insurance is as follows :-Peace of mind offer
Rs. 2,00,000 for Standard Fire & Special Perils for Building & Contents
Rs. 2,00,000 for Burglary & House Breaking Perils for Contents
Rs. 1,00,000 for Burglary & House Breaking for Cash in Safe

You can more details about scheme at this Link.
If you have any enquiry regarding scheme then you can fill this form
If you are already a user then you can get your product activated and registered Here.

Update :
You get greater details of Insurance coverage and further guidelines from Tata's web page. This page describes the scheme at greater details.

12 Point Checklist if Your Multi User Tally Slows Down

In multi user environment Tally gets slow down due to several reasons. Some times the problem is related to network connectivity and some times it is due to Tally itself. Before getting to solutions we should identify the reasons of slow down.

Networking Checklist
To find out if it is due to networking only then you should check for following :-
1. Network computers are easily accessible to each other . Files can be transferred from one computer to another easily.
If it is not so then you have to do networking again.

2. Check the connectivity by using ping command.
In case of wireless networking the ttl field of ping command should not be higher then 10ms. The command is
ping -t 
where is the ip of machine which you are pinging.

3. Check if this problem is in Tally only and not in other softwares which are used over network.
If the problem is in all applications then you may need to upgrade your hardware or do the networking again. Try increasing RAM. It would help.

4. Check if memory utilization for each computer is proper.
Delete the unwanted programs from system tray or startup lists.

5. Are you still using Hubs?
Switch is better option. Change it immediately.

Tally Checklist
Now comes the Tally part.
1. Check if ip's of each machine are defined.
Each machine should has separate IP in same range. e.g.,  and so on..

2. Your company is having more then one year data?
Split the company data and work in only current year data.

3. Tally.ini setting are correct?
IP of Tally server and proper port no. should be there for each node.
e.g. Tallylicenceserver = (server ip: port no.)

4. More then one company are opened while working?
While opening Tally default company automatically opens. We forget to shut it down before working and open our current company. Put Load Default= No in Tally ini file.

5. Is the best machine in organization is Tally server?
If no then make the fastest machine your Tally server. It would help a lot. If not working then keep the company shut.

7. What is the level of entires? How many entries you daily feed?
This thing decides a lot if number of entries are too much. In that case either switching to Tally 8.1 can help or you have to use thin client environment to work faster.

These steps would help to solve your networking problem

03 November 2006

Data migration from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2

We all know that to convert tally data from 7.2 to 8.1 Tally is providing a data migration utility with Tally 8.1. You can get more details about migrating Data in my previous post How to migrate Data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1. or Get the FAQ's on data migration.

But what if you have data in Tally 4.5 and you want to convert it to Tally 7.2 or 8.1. For this first of all you have to convert the data into initial 5.4 format from where it can be migrated to Tally 8.1. 

A free utility is available on Tally's Site which would convert data from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2 . It is called Convert45to72.exe .You can get this utility Here from Tally Solutions's Site.

Simply unzip the file. You would find three files.

Copy these files to directory of Tally 4.5.
Now run the utility by clicking on file WCVTALLY.exe  and convert the companies one by one. After converting all companies you would see different folders are created . Copy these folders to the directory where your Tally 7.2 is installed. Open Tally 7.2 and rewrite the companies you want to open in Tally7.2. Wollah !!! the process is complete.

Before migrating data make sure to take backups of files. so that in case of data corruption you can recover it.
These notes can help you for grater details

01 November 2006

Implimenting VAT in Tally.

Tally 7.2 and Tally 8.1 are VAT compliant versions. You can generate state specific VAT returns. VAT sales and Purchase annextures can be printed automatically just by entering data in correct format and defining correct ledgers classes. If you have to prepare VAT returns through Tally then company configuration has to be changed.
In case of Tally 7.2 just modify company details and select use for Indian VAT Yes.
In case of Tally 8.1 go to F11 and alter statutory Features in F3. Select VAT to Yes.
Keep in mind to select State from List in Address section. The statutory master would be selected for that state only.

Make separate ledgers for sales and purchase for separate VAT rate. For example if you are dealing in 4% and 12% VAT rate items then you have to make ledgers for Sales 4% and Sales 12% under sales and Purchase 4% and purchase 12% under Purchase account. Correct VAT/Tax Class has to mentioned while creating those ledgers.

Now make ledger for input and output VAT ledgers for collection of sales VAT and Purchase VAT. These should be separate for different VAT rate. i.e. input VAT 4% and input VAT 12% in the same way make ledgers for output VAT for purchase VAT. At this moment you have to assign proper VAT/Tax class for these ledger.
Now make entries by entering vouchers of sales and purchase. and you would find proper figures are appearing in respective forms. You would also find proper VAT computation in VAT computation screen. You can check it by going to Gateway of Tally >Display> Statutory Reports>Vat Classification > VAT Computation

If some forms are not shown then cross check the VAT class allocation for that ledger. Tally has tried to rectified all VAT related problems but still many states VAT returns are facing problems.
For more help regarding VAT knowledge you can see the full white paper available on Tally's site on VAT, or you can find basics of VAT Here.
For any suggestion or your problem related to VAT leave a comment here.