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Although working in tally is quite easy but when work load increases then faster data entry is required. Faster data entry in tally may lead to incorrect entry if done in usual way. There are some inbuilt features and shortcuts which can help any user to enter the data faster. Activating these features and using the short cut key would minimize the time consumed in data entry and accurate data feeding. Here are the tricks.

Skip date : First thing is to activate skip date field during data entry in voucher configuration screen. While in any voucher type press F12 put first option of Skip date field in create mode (faster entry) to Yes.
This would save you from the hassles of entering date in every voucher.
Use defaults : If entry is in same sales or purchase register where VAT rate is same then you can put Common ledger A/c for item Allocation to Yes and Use defaults for Bill allocation to Yes.
This would let you select minimum ledgers in a single entry.

Use Voucher types and Voucher classes : Different types of vouchers can be made to enter payments and receipts. For example bank payments and receipts can be entered in separate voucher types like Bank payment and Bank receipt. Same way cash receipts and payments can be using separate voucher types.
this would reduce the error chances during entry. This task can be further simplified by making separate voucher classes for sales and purchase related entries by making separate voucher classes for different VAT rate. For example seperate voucher class in sales can be made as sales VAT4 % and by defining ledgers commonly used in that voucher.
This would make entries faster as ledgers would be selected automatically what you have to do is just enter the figures.

Use short Cut Keys : While removing backlog or handling heavy work load we face almost similar types of entry which has to be made repetitively in different dates . Figures and accounts involved in these types of vouchers are almost same only few things are different like date. In this situation short cut keys can be of great help.
Use Alt+2 for duplicating any entry while you are in day book. If salary of 12 months has to be entered then duplicate this entry 12 times and then after wards change the date one by one. Here just change the date and use Ctrl+A to accept the entry.
In the same manner If we have common narration in voucher then it can be entered by pressing Alt+R . It would rewrite the previous narration.
If there is an entry missing then that can be entered by selecting the entry after which you want to insert it. Now press Alt+I to insert that entry on that particular place.

Faster data entry in tally also depends on your knowledge of hot keys in tally and it also depends on time you spend on tally

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