30 October 2006

Tally Licensing FAQ's

Here is the list of some FAQ's on licensing. These FAQ's are also available on Tally's site in PDF format. But for users convenience here they are in HTML format.

Q 1: What is Tally 8.1 Silver/Single user licensing?
Tally 8.1 Silver/Single-user Licensing allows installation of Tally on a SINGLE
computer, with an option of activating it Online or Offline.
You can use the same Tally 8.1 Silver/Single user license on another computer, by
surrendering the license activated on the first computer and reactivating it on the
An Offline user can take the request file generated by Tally 8.1, to a computer
with Internet connectivity and activate the license.

Q 2: What is Tally 8.1 Gold/Multi-user licensing?
Tally 8.1 Gold/Multi-user Licensing allows installation of Tally 8.1 on ANY
NUMBER of computers connected through a local area network (LAN). The
Activation process is similar to that of Single-User Licensing.
Once a Multi-User license is successfully installed on a computer designated as
the License Server, you can start Tally 8.1 with Windows running as a service in
the background.
The computers designated as License clients can install Tally 8.1, and set the
parameter “TallyLicenseServer = Servername: Port Number” in the Tally.ini
configuration file.

Q 3: How do I obtain a License/Tally Serial Number in Tally 8.1?

There are two ways of obtaining the License/ Tally Sl. No.
a) Online (for computers with internet connection)
b) Offline (for computers without internet connection)
a. For Online License Activation
1) Connect to Internet
2) Open Tally.

The Activation Form appears as shown below.

3) Enter the Serial, Key and E-mail.
4) Accept the screen
The Tally SI. NO. displays on the top right corner of the screen.
b. For Offline License Activation
On starting Tally, you will find displayed an Activation Form dialog box .
1. Press Esc or Ctrl+Q to quit the Activation Form, since the machine does not
have an Internet connection.
2. Go to F12: Configure > Licensing > Offline. The Offline Activation Form
displays three fields Serial, Key and Email.
3. Key-in the correct Serial, Key and Email and press Enter.
A message displays the successful generation of the tally_req.lic file.
4. Copy the tally_req.lic file from the Tally folder of your computer on a floppy or
CD and take it to any computer with Internet connectivity and Tally installed in it.
5. Copy the tally_req.lic file from Floppy or CD to the Tally folder on the computer
with the internet connection.
6. Start Tally and go to F12: Configure > Licensing > Offline.
7. Click on the Send External Request option to send a request to the Tally
Internet Services server.
A new file tally_resp.lic, will be generated and saved in the Tally folder on the computer
with internet connection.
8. Copy the new tally_resp.lic file on a floppy or CD, from the Internet connected
computer and paste the tally_resp.lic file into the Tally folder of your computer.

9. Start Tally and you will see the following screen confirming the license activation.

Q 4: I have a Tally Multi-user edition. When I Go to Gateway of Tally > F12:
Configure > Licensing, I do not see the options ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’. Why?
The Licensing menu on the License server in a multi-user licensing system computer
displays all options available to a single-user.
However, the options Online and Offline are not available on the License client

Q 5: What is List Add-Ons?

List Add-Ons provides the list of additional modules available in Tally. You can
purchase these modules through the TVP (Tally Value Pack).

Q 6: Is activation of license a one-time procedure?

License activation is a one-time process. The license has to be validated within 45
days of activation. Tally prompts you to validate the license before the expiry period.
The procedure for validating Tally is the same for both single-user and multi-user

Q 7: How do I carry out an Online validation of the license?
On expiry of the license activation period, Tally displays the message ‘Your License
is about to expire! Please re-activate’. If you have an Internet connection, connect
to the Internet and validate the license manually using the following path:
Go to Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure > Licensing > Online > Update
Important: This is a one-time process. If you do not validate within the given time,
Tally switches to Educational mode.

Q 8: How do I carry out an Offline validation of the license?
On expiry of the license activation period, Tally displays the message ‘Your
License is about to expire! Please re-activate’. If you are not connected to the
Internet, you can validate the license on any computer with an Internet connection.
Follow the Instructions mentioned in the answer to Question no. 3, section b.
Validate the license manually on your computer using the following path:
Go to Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure > Licensing > Offline > Update
Important: This is a one-time process. If you do not validate within the time period,
Tally will switch to Educational mode.

Q 9: What does Surrendering Tally License mean?
In order to install Tally 8.1 on another computer, you have to surrender the license
activated on the first computer.
Go to F12: Configure > Licensing > Online/Offline.
Important: If you desire to format your hard disk, it is recommended to surrender
the Tally 8.1 license and reactivate it again. Else, Tally will switch to Educational
The procedure for surrendering the license is the same for both single-user and
multi-user edition.
a. Surrendering License – Online Users
1) Go to F12: Configure > Licensing > Online > Surrender

The surrender License request is sent to the Tally Internet Services Server. Once it
gets updated, the license file in the Tally folder is deleted.
Tally functions in Educational mode after surrendering of license and you can now
activate the same license on a different computer.
b. Surrendering license - Offline Users
1. Go to F12: Configure > Licensing > Offline > Surrender
2. Press Enter to proceed
A message displays ‘Offline Surrender Request tally_req.lic file is successfully
3. Copy the tally_req.lic file from the Tally folder on a floppy or CD and take it to
any computer with Internet connectivity that has Tally installed in it.
4. Copy the tally_req.lic file from the Floppy or CD to the Tally folder on the
computer with internet connection
5. Start Tally and go to F12: Configure > Licensing > Offline
6. Click on the Send External Request option to send the surrender request to
Tally Internet Services server.
7. Your Tally License is successfully surrendered and is ready for use on another

Q 10: My Computer is going to be formatted what should i do?

Before formatting the system surrender the Tally first either online or offline as described in Q 9. After reformatting install Tally and activate the license again.

Q 11: I have to replace my computer what should i do can i activate it on another computer simultaneously?
No. The license can be activated only on one computer. In case of change of machine first Tally should be surrendered and then activated on new machine.

Q 12: My computer is no longer operational and Tally is not surrendered What should i do?

You have to inform Tally solutions by email at support@tallysolutions.com with your serial no. and registration details. It would be reset within 24 hrs. Alternatively call Tally support on toll free numbers.

If still some queries are left then refer to my earlier Post on Why Tally turns educational
I hope this thing would help you a lot any other queries are welcomed.

Tally Poem By Hiren

One of my reader Hiren Shah gave me a link to his poem on Tally in his comments Unfortunately his link was not complete on my comment page. He has written many poems i think but his tally poem is interesting for me. Here are few lines from his poem.

From Mumbai to Kolkatta, from Chennai to Delhi
In computerized financial accounting, there is no match for Tally
If you want to concentrate on your core-competence dynamically
For taking away administrative headaches off your back,
there is nothing better than Tally
"Accounts being the language of business", many businessmen can suffer fatally
Because of lack of knowledge of accounts on Tally
When the data on screen has to be monitored daily
No software provides more flexibility than Tally
Whether the reports have to be presented midway or annually
They are absolutely thorough and correct in Tally
Magazines only talk about finance education for children
which can never be achieved fully
Without an excellent enabler like tally
For that matter commerce and MBA students would have learn finance/accounts totally
Only if in addition to theory, the practical orientation includes Tally

With the introduction of Tally enterprise and call center,
   efficient operations are possible wholly
With the use of one and only Tally

In computerized accounting in India, Tally is Holy
Maybe a dash more color on screen and print would make it more if not as colorful as Holi

The kind of orgasmic pleasure one used to get in manual accounts
   when trial balance used to Tally
Similar feelings are aroused on operating Tally

To people who despise accounts, packages like Tally
Are as exquisite and wonderful as the Kashmir Valley

Such people can do accounts for lifetime blissfully
As accounts seems so easy on Tally

If there is one package which deserves
   to perpetually behave the way stocks behave in a rally
It is Tally

One hopes to be able to operate the package perpetually
Since it will really require something special for any other package to outclass Tally

So if you are contemplating buying an accounting package, without any dilly dally

Straightaway opt for Tally

The full poem is here .
One thing i like about his blogs regarding making your passion your profession. You can visit his blogs on Make your passion your profession and Stray Thoughts
Thanks Hiren for your comment and poem. We all are inspired.

A small but inspiring bloggers meeting

Called by Amit Agarwal on Coffee some 10 odd bloggers around Delhi came and had a small but inspiring citchat. Fortunately i was also a part of this meeting. All were from diverse fields and were budding bloggers. Tools, promotion, sites, future, earning, tricks, celebrities and latest buzz of blogging was discussed. It was my first meeting of this kind and would be in my memories for a long time.
People and there interesting blogs are here in the list.
1. Mr. Amit Agarwal http://labnol.blogspot.com
2. Mr. Raminder Singh http://raminderbox.blogspot.com
3. Mr. Vineet Jain http://cavineet.blogspot.com
4. Mr. Siddhartha http://boledil.blogspot.com
5. Mr. Ajay Tripathi
7. Mr. Shailendra Yadav http://apnitally.blogspot.com
8. Mr. Abhishek Bhatnagar http://abhishekbhatnagars.blogspot.com
10. Mr. Cherian Samuel
11. Brijesh Kumar from NIC
Thanks buddies for your participation. Thanks Amit.

22 October 2006

Data migration FAQ's

For those who have are still thinking to migrate on tally 8.1 and for those who have worked on tally's older verion and now bought Tally 8.1, data migration will be a problem. Following FAQ's would help you in taking the fast desicision. You can find these data migration FAQ's Here also in PDF Format. For your ease here is the full text.
If your query is not solved with these FAQ's then you can post it to me through comments on this post.

Q 1: What is Tally Data Migration Tool and how does it help?
The Tally Data Migration Tool helps in migrating the data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.2.
This works with the Tally 8.1 exe and allows you to migrate company data (Masters, Vouchers and Reports). This tool also allows the migration of TCP (Tally Compliant
Product) files.

Q 2: Is it possible to access/work with Tally 7.2 data without migrating the same to Tally 8.1 after installing Tally 8.1?
No. Once Tally 8.1 is installed, you will not be able to work with Tally 7.2 data, without migrating the same to Tally 8.1.

Q 3: Can Tally 7.2 data be migrated if there is only a single error?
No, data migration will not take place, even if there is only one error during the migration process. In other words, you will not see any partial /incomplete migrated data of 7.2, in the data directory from where you selected to migrate.

Q 4: How do I migrate data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1?
If you are an existing Tally 7.2 customer, follow the steps given below:

1. Install Tally 8.1

2. Go to Start > Programs > Tally 8.1 > TallymigrateData. (You can also begin the process by double clicking on tally72migrate.exe file in the Tally application folder).

3. Two splash screens, Tally Data Migration Tool and Tally 8.1 appear.

4. Click the Migrate Data on the Tally Data Migration Tool screen to select the company whose data needs to be migrated from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1.

5. Specify /select the data directory in the directory field and select the company from the list of companies.

6. Data Migration Tool loads the data of selected company and displays a pop-up to confirm migration.

7. Press ‘Enter’ to accept, and complete the migration of selected company.

8. The status of migration from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1 can be seen on the Migration Messages Pane.

9. When the migration is complete, it displays a information pop-up, “migration completed, check statistics (press any key)”, followed by congratulation message in yellow box.

10. If any error occurs during migration, it gets logged into a file ‘migration.err’, which is automatically generated and made available in the Tally application folder.

11. The migrated companies are saved in the Tally 7.2 data folder. The migrated data is prefixed with a ‘0’ and appears as a 5 digit number. For example, if the company folder number, before migration was ‘0099’, after migration it would be ‘00099’.

12. Now, you can start working on Tally 8.1, which has the migrated data.

Note: Ensure that the Tally 8.1.exe and the Migration Tool are in the same folder.

Q 5: Is it possible to migrate the data of company which has already been migrated to Tally 8.1 from Tally 7.2?
If you try to migrate a company that has already been migrated to Tally 8.1 from Tally
7.2, you will get the following warning message in yellow box.

This company was already created by migration!
If you start migration again the created 8.1 company will be DELETED
(Press ‘Enter’ to Continue)
If you press Enter, Migration tool will prompt you to confirm deletion of company. Once the deletion is confirmed, it will again prompt to confirm Migration. If confirmed, the Migration Tool will begin the process.

Q 6: I have passed 100 voucher entries in Tally 8.1 after migrating from Tally 7.2. If I again migrate the data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1, will the entries made in Tally 8.1 be retained?
No, Migration tool will not retain those 100 voucher entries passed in Tally 8.1, as it deletes the migrated company completely and begins the migration process again. You will have to re-enter those 100 vouchers.

Q 7: If I have used or enabled Payroll in Tally 7.2, will my data get migrated to 8.1?
No, when you migrate a company data having payroll enabled and/or using the same,
Tally data migration tool will display the following message.
This company has Payroll feature enabled!
In this release, migration of Payroll company
Is not supported

(Press Enter’ to continue)
Pressing ‘Enter’ button will bring you back to the main menu of Tally Data Migration Tool.

Q 8: How do I migrate Group Company data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1?
To migrate Group companies:

1. Migrate each member company individually from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1.

2. On successful migration, re-create the Group company in Tally 8.1.

Q 9: After migrating my data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1, the size of the data has increased by three times in 8.1 when compared to that of 7.2. Will the speed of Tally 8.1 decrease due to increase in size of the data?
As the internal database of 8.1 has increased by three times, the data files also get increased. The speed of Tally 8.1 does not get decreased due to this.

Q 10: Where do I track the errors that occur while migrating data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1?
If any errors occur during the migration process, it gets logged into a file called ‘migration.err’, which Tally generates automatically. This file exists in the Tally application folder.

Q 11: How do I migrate TCP from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1?
To migrate the TCP files to Tally 8.1:

1. Go to Start > Programs > Tally 8.1 > TallymigrateData. (You can also double click on tally72migrate.exe file in the Tally application folder)

2. Two splash screens, Tally Data Migration Tool and Tally 8.1 will appear.

3. Select ‘Migrate TCP’ from the Migration Tool Menu.

4. Once selected, the tool starts to process the Tally 7.2 TCP and also generates another TCP, which is compatible with Tally 8.1. This file gets stored in the same folder in which the original TCP was stored.

5. The generated Tally 8.1 TCP will contain a suffix ‘9’ in its file name. For example, if your Tally 7.2 TCP’s name is ‘transfers.tcp’, the Tally 8.1 TCP will have the name ‘transfers9.tcp’.

Please note that during the migration process, only the TCP files mentioned in the
Tally.ini file will be migrated from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1.

Q 12: Can I upgrade Tally 6.3 data to Tally 8.1?
Yes, you can upgrade Tally 6.3 data to 8.1. Tally Migration Tool will detect 6.3, if you select ‘Migrate Data’. Specify the path of Tally 6.3 data.

Q 13: When I have migrated my data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1, and have passed vouchers using Tally 8.1, can I go back to Tally 7.2 and use my current data?
No, you cannot migrate Tally 8.1 data back to Tally 7.2.

Q 14: After migrating TCP (Tally Compliant Product) file from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1, will the converted TCP work in Tally 8.1?
Yes. The migrated TCP will work in Tally 8.1.

Q 15: If I use txt files for my customisation coding, will the same work in Tally 8.1?
Yes, txt files will work in Tally 8.1.

Q 16: Will I be able to migrate my txt file (customisation file in txt file)?
No. Tally Migration Tool allows migration of only TCP files.

Q 17: TCP file which was working in 6.3 / 7.2 is not working after migrating to Tally 8.1. How do I resolve this problem?
Please contact the Tally Partner who has provided you the customisation.

Q 18: Will my customisation file of Tally 5.4/ 6.3/ 7.2 work in 8.1?
If you have migrated your customisation file from 5.4 version to 6.3 and from 6.3 to 7.2, then, by compiling the same to a TCP file, you can migrate the same using migration tool.

19 October 2006

Getting Started with Tally

Most of my users who are either using tally for the first time or who are using licensed version of tally have faced some common problems. They often complaint that when we were using pirated version of Tally then life was easy. After getting with newer version of Tally or registered version of Tally it has become more difficult, while life was supposed to be easy after buying the Tally license. 
I would say that current Indian mindset is to be blamed here. Giving money for just a software doesn't fit into the consciences of Indian mindset. When ever we purchase computer then software is supposed to be the part of free bees.
Problem gets worst when we face problem after giving the money for software. Few tips while getting started with tally can save us a lot of problems.
Getting Started
Some prior preparation is needed before installing Tally. Tally license is activated and updated from Internet, so we need internet connection. Although it is not used as frequently but if the machine which is running tally is having permanent internet connections then license can be updated or reactivated swiftly other wise this can be a major problem for Tally users. Mostly who are first time user of licensed software. The reasons of Tally getting educational has been discussed in my previous post on why tally turns educational.

Second most common problem occurs when working on tally suddenly system shuts down due to power failure or any other reason. To avoid this user must take proper and regular backup of tally data. The user must make it a habit to take backup on daily basis. The proper method of taking tally backup and how to recover the data has been explained in my post on Recover your data in Tally.

Third and major problem come with versions and stat files of tally. Normally when we buy tally then release 1 comes with box. Most of the users install tally from CD in the box and activate it. Real problem comes when the features which were heard are not available or cannot be used. The most widely used feature of VAT is not available in release 1 of Tally 7.2 which comes with CD. Again latest stat version is needed from latest VAT modifications and Service Tax modifications etc. You can get latest Stat info in my post on stat release 46 . The solution to this problem is to get latest release of tally and stat. You can get latest Tally 7.2 and Tally 8.1

P.S. : Latest version can be downloaded from Tally Solutions 

Fourth problem which come is when user gets stuck with advanced options of tally which were not there in older versions and now no help is in sight. At this juncture tally help file can be of great help. Just press help button on top right corner. This would work only when tallyref.chm file is present in your tally directory. It should also be updated for latest features. You can download the latest file from the site and copy it in tally directory for proper functioning. Check Out the 6 ways to get Free help form Tally Solutions.

More help articles on Tally are Here
If you have Downloaded and want a licensed version Purchase it online and get all help from Us 

12 October 2006

Tally Stat version 46 released

Tally has released much delayed stat version 46 for statutory masters. This version has modifications as well as new addition of VAT forms for some states. For Rajasthan VAT form 48 and 50 are now available. Minor modifications for Kerala , MP ,Delhi and Uttaranchal has been also done. For Tally 7.2 Haryana users much awaited LS-9 and CST modification has been done.

Different Service Tax changes like modification of code and type of abatement etc has also been changed.
As we all know that stat file deals with Statutory Masters of each state. For Latest modifications done by each State Gov. or Central Gov. you need the latest release of the stat file. All State and central tax related compliance and latest modifications of state specific tax rules and other government rules are changed as they happen.
You can check which state version your Tally is running by pressing Ctrl+Alt+B on Gateway of Tally. In calculator area it would show the stat version.

For Tally 7.2 the file name is stat.slk which is ablout 3.76mb in size and for Tally 8.1 it is named as stat.900. It is a 915kb file.
You can see the release note for Tally 7.2 Here
and for Tally 8.1 Here

The download stat version link is Here for Tally 7.2 and Here for Tally8.1

08 October 2006

Faster data entry in Tally

Although working in tally is quite easy but when work load increases then faster data entry is required. Faster data entry in tally may lead to incorrect entry if done in usual way. There are some inbuilt features and shortcuts which can help any user to enter the data faster. Activating these features and using the short cut key would minimize the time consumed in data entry and accurate data feeding. Here are the tricks.

Skip date : First thing is to activate skip date field during data entry in voucher configuration screen. While in any voucher type press F12 put first option of Skip date field in create mode (faster entry) to Yes.
This would save you from the hassles of entering date in every voucher.
Use defaults : If entry is in same sales or purchase register where VAT rate is same then you can put Common ledger A/c for item Allocation to Yes and Use defaults for Bill allocation to Yes.
This would let you select minimum ledgers in a single entry.

Use Voucher types and Voucher classes : Different types of vouchers can be made to enter payments and receipts. For example bank payments and receipts can be entered in separate voucher types like Bank payment and Bank receipt. Same way cash receipts and payments can be using separate voucher types.
this would reduce the error chances during entry. This task can be further simplified by making separate voucher classes for sales and purchase related entries by making separate voucher classes for different VAT rate. For example seperate voucher class in sales can be made as sales VAT4 % and by defining ledgers commonly used in that voucher.
This would make entries faster as ledgers would be selected automatically what you have to do is just enter the figures.

Use short Cut Keys : While removing backlog or handling heavy work load we face almost similar types of entry which has to be made repetitively in different dates . Figures and accounts involved in these types of vouchers are almost same only few things are different like date. In this situation short cut keys can be of great help.
Use Alt+2 for duplicating any entry while you are in day book. If salary of 12 months has to be entered then duplicate this entry 12 times and then after wards change the date one by one. Here just change the date and use Ctrl+A to accept the entry.
In the same manner If we have common narration in voucher then it can be entered by pressing Alt+R . It would rewrite the previous narration.
If there is an entry missing then that can be entered by selecting the entry after which you want to insert it. Now press Alt+I to insert that entry on that particular place.

Faster data entry in tally also depends on your knowledge of hot keys in tally and it also depends on time you spend on tally

03 October 2006

Interesting Tally Sites

While searching on net about tally sites I came across some very beautiful and organized sites related to Tally. These sites are offering products pertaining to tally as well as offering some insight about tally products which is otherwise not available even at Tally's own site.

Antraweb :- This is the most comprehensive site about tally. It offers all services related to tally right from tally software sale to tally customization. Antra Web is tally enterprise partner for implementing Tally Ascent. Site has good design and good layout. Site provides some useful links which increases knowledge about tally products. In Tally 8.1 section the features of Tally 8.1 features are described as what these features mean to us. Site infact is a good tutorial on Tall 8.1.

Related Link :- http://www.antraweb.com/

Santronix : Site has good design and content lay out. As the company is in other products also so there is only one page dedicated to tally 8.1. Features of Tally 8.1 are tabulated under different heads. You can find the price list which I think is old one and not updated yet. Good offer if you can get tally at these rates. Site has its own toll free nos.

Related Link :- http://santronix.com/tally/index.htm

Parth Infotech :- A full fledge site for tally related products. Site has listed all products for tally and has many options to buy tally at different locations near mumbai. Tally 8.1 details are not very much but site has good insight about tally ERP package TallyAscent. Tally Ascent Page gives graphical details about ERP System. You can also get good insight about TallyChemist and Tally SoftCAAT.

Related Link :- http://www.parthinfotech.com/index.htm

Itek Informatic :- Another dedicated tally site. The site has soft looks and good design. Site describes itself as your friendly tally software solution company. Site offers good details about tally products. Pages related to tally shopper and Tally SoftCAAT are good.

Related Link :- http://www.itekinfomatic.com/index.html

Digital Inspiration page :- This is a blog page regarding tally software. The blog is mainly software blog but this tally information page is has all the information which any tally information seeker needs to know. Comments from readers are interesting reading.

If you have any other site which is interesting then let the users know. Give in the details.