Recover your data in Tally - Some Tips & Tricks to Recover Tally Data

It is very important to recover Tally data for Tally user as Data of Tally is very vital for every user or a company. More serious the user is in Tally more vital the Tally data becomes for him. In other words we can say that more and more a Tally user increase his dependence on Tally, he needs more and more care of its Tally data. More and more vital it becomes for him the Tally data recovery in case his data gets corrupted. 
Although Tally has provided many ways to protect your Tally data, but still one way or other due to some human error or system failure a Tally user may loose his data. Particularly in case of Tally it cripples his  day today business.
How to Recover Tally Data some Tips and Tricks
Recover Tally Data

We have to first see why data has got corrupted. The ways to recover Tally data depends on reason it gets corrupted. Here are some tips and tricks which can save you the day. First of all lets see different reasons which can cause data corruption

Why Tally data gets corrupted ?
The reason could be anyone of following :-

  1. While working on Tally power goes off and UPS is unable to give you backup. Next time you would open your Tally company in which you were working would get corrupted.
  2. The computer on which you were working is not operative and OS is not working properly. Somebody formatted it !!
  3. You have taken so many backups by copying the Tally folder in so many placed that you forgot which was to original one.
  4. You have taken a backup and when you try to restore it your data is washed out.

Solutions to recover Tally data
Solutions to these problems needs common sense rather than Tally expertise. Lets understand some feature and working of Tally. Tally provides a backup and restore utility which collects all files of Tally company into one file named tbk500.001. This way of Tally backup is easier to restore as this one file can be kept safe and easily can be restored instead of all files in that folder. It is easy to be mailed or copied. In other case if any of the file gets missing or gets corrupted tally data wouldn't work. So it is better to take Tally backup from within Tally Software.

In first case when data gets corrupted while working on tally and we are unable to open the company then data can simply rewritten. Come to Company selection menu. Press "Ctrl + Alt + R". Now select the company for re writing. 90% chances are that your problem would be get solved.

In second case when OS system is not working then to recover data you need computer skills and some common sense solutions can get you out of this problem. If windows is not loading then you can try to boot the system in DOS mode. Copy all T

ally folders and data folders into D drive. If DOS mode is also not working then take out the HDD and connect it with other computer with OS system and try to open it. If the disk is ok and without bad sectors then you would be able to open the Tally folder. If still it is not working then before formatting give it a try with some recovery software or ask your computer hardware expert to recover data folders from drive.

The third case happens when people are running so many versions of tally and all versions work on different directories. More over they take backup by copying folders of data directory instead of taking backup from Tally itself. In that case you too can get confused which one is latest and which folder is needed to be restored. In this case just remember the No. of your company in Tally. For example if your company No. is 006 then go to search utility of windows and enter 006 in search box and begin search. You would see the list of folders. Now in see the locations of each folder and see the date of last modified or accessed. Choose the latest one and copy that folder in Tally's current data directory. You would probably find the right one. 
 One more method can be that you look for folder which has largest amount of data. Just go to each folder right click on the name and select properties. Here you would find the total file size of that folder. The biggest folder would be the current folder as it contains latest Tally data.

The fourth case happens when you have created so many companies and when you restore the data that current company is not in your older data. This can also happen when data backup you have taken is already corrupted. In this case there is no solutions except you find some other backup which you have taken fortunately and which is good as well. To do some once again you can use search utility and look out for files names as tbk500.001 or what you can do is just type tbk*.*. It would get you all the files on your computer.

Some healthy tips can also save you the day.
  • Take backup on regular basis make it a habit to take backup when ever you have done enough work. The frequency of backup always depends on how much work you do one daily basis or how much work you can afford to do again!!
  • Take backup on the basis of name of days or name of month. If data is high then the backup destination can be like this d:\tallybackup\Monday or d:\tallybackup\Tuesday and so on. In this way you would get seven backups and all backups cannot be corrupted. If data volume is low then backup can be taken as d:\tallybackup\June if you can afford to do one months task in a single streach.
  • Try to make minimum companies. It would save you lots of hassles.
  • There should be only one Tally version and one Tally folder. Too many versions and folders multiplies your work. If you are two versions then try to sum up work in latest version as soon as possible.
  • There must be proper power backup while working on tally. In network environment is a must on all nodes where tally is working.
I hope these solutions can work for you. Your comments and rectifications are invited.


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148 responses:

Anonymous said...

when we format machine

and install tally without activation from tally

it will remain in education mode

please surrender licence to tally

format machine

install tally

activate licence

so simple and easy


indu zx

Anonymous said...

sometimes it says already activated please surrender first
while tally is educational

some times tally becomes educational automatically

Anonymous said...


I have a problem with tally 5.4. Please try help me.

Recently, by mistake, I deleted some files from tally data folder. When I tried to restore the data from my backup, I selected another company (the second accident). Now problem is, I have no backup of second company. Is there is any way to restore the second company files (the over written files)??? Even with any third party software.???

Please, I need your help in this regard.

Thanks in Anticipation


TallyHelper said...

Once your company data is overwritten then it is impossible to retrive data as the data is overwritten.
The only way is to do the rest of the entries again as there is no backup of the latest company with you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I had problem with tally 4.5. My hard disk crashed and i could not take backup by backup command of tally. I had copied the 'data' directory of tally on separate hard disk, but now as Window ver is changed and has become Win XP I cant run tally4.5 on my system and so i am not able to restore my data. How can I restore the data if i use higher ver of tally?

TallyHelper said...

convert the data to 5.4 first by 5.4 conversion utility shown in download section on the right hand pane.
then open that data in tally 7.2 version.
use 7.2 migration utility just below the link and convert it in tally 9.
As a whole you need only two utility and one tally 7.2 version. then you can continue using tally 9 said...

I am using Tally 7.2, bymistake Financial year changed and Books starting
from in Company alterations.
When we are opened Tally give the message
u r suggestion, it is very very urgent.

I have not taken backup. kinly reply me at

TallyHelper said...

Pankaj Just take a backup by coping the folder in tally data drectory.
Then rewrite the company record by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R
then see what happens said...

I want to know how to enter serials nos in stock item. plz tell me.

Anonymous said...

Hi there friends,
If you happen to have lost your tally data due to power failures / system crash or accidental formating, dont worry the data can be recovered. In many cases > 95% , I do it as a hobby, if you need my assistance you can contact me at, by the way i live in chennai. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally deleted a company from tally 4.5 and all data pertaining to that company got deleted. How to recover the data? Please help

Anonymous said...

my tally data corupted due to some reasons error is manager.500 corupt. tried ctrl + alt + r but no use is there any way to repair tht file

Anonymous said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
file D:\tally\data\0002\manager
size 284288
position 180224
chars 128(done128)

I to tried to rewrite data but failed and the above still shows when trying to open the company,please advise.

Anonymous said...

Am using tally7.2 version, there is a problem with one particular stock item. whenever i try to open report of that particular item TALLY stops responding. Is there any way to sort the problem without affecting the DATA, any comments will be highly appreciated... thanks in advance.

TallyHelper said...

Your company got corrupted.
Try to rewrite the data by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R at company selection menu.
It would help.

Nischal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TallyHelper said...

I Have a backup of my tally 7.2 data on a cd . I have restored the Numbered folders in "data" Directory . But now i cant open one accont there are 11 accounts and i cant open one which is actually the most important . when i press F1 to select the company and when the company is slected i get a error " Error in opening the company" and tally 7.2 then ask me to set the directory
please help

Tally Helper says
while we copy some files from CD to any folder in computer their attribute changes to read only. Tally gets problem in reading and modifying read only file. So first we have to remove read only by right clicking the company folder and removing read only tick in properties of the folder.
If it still doesn't work then rewrite the file again.

nikhil said...

Some one put password in my tally data (only in one company), just now i have no password, pl help me how to open it. Nikhil Shah

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know what is tally how dose it works so i installed Taly7.2 in my system. Now i dont need it i want to remove it from my system how to uninstall the thing iam not getting the option to uninstall in control pannel.

Anonymous said...

I have a tally data dated from 2001 to 2007. By unknowingly I have changed the financial year in company alteration screen. While opening tally I have a error saying "company details have been changed need to rewrite". So I have opted for "yes", but now when I try to open that company there is an error saying"company details have been changed need to rewrite" and it is exiting out of tally

TallyHelper said...

Tally 7.2 is not shown in control panel.
You need to delete the tally 7.2 folder only and its done.

Sachin Gadgil said...

This is sachin and I forgot the username and password of one of my data.

I want to recollect the username and password please help me.

Anonymous said...

manager.500 corupt. tried ctrl + alt + r but no use is there any way to repair tht file ...

Shelax said...

Hello Sir,

Is there any chance to activate tally without surrender. bcoz in some cases windows not able to load or not able to connect internet to surrender tally. in this condition what we have to do?
my friend says there is a tool utility available to activate tally without surrender. and he tried it and successful activate tally. is there any tool available plz send me link for future purpose.

TallyHelper said...

send a mail to stating the sr no and email address, the person to which it is registered and the contact person name. also state the reason fo not being able to surrender.
Tally would reset it within 4 working hrs.

Anonymous said...

hi this mahesh baheti
my data are corupt in tally45
but no any solutions for recover of my data
so please help me

viritha said...

some how a ledger got deleted how can i get back that ledger account

Kiran said...


we are using tally 5.4 version on win98. we have data from 2004-05 to 31-03-2007. since monday we are unable to open tally itself. When we are trying to open tally, the window is opening and immediately get closed automatically. Can u please help us?

Thank you,

TallyHelper said...

You need to rewrite the data Kiran
just take the backup of the data and rewrite by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R at company selection menu.
Then select the company and go ahead with rewrite.

Trilok said...

Now we are using tally 7.2 but we have data of 2 co. in tally 4 how can we migrate data 4 to 7.2

Himanhsu said...

exiting tally!
file D:\tally\data\0002\Tr01286.500
size 145792
position 145792
chars 128(done0)

I m using tally 5.4 when going to see the purchase of march month, than tally hang up, so i put the data into tally 7.2 or it show me rewrite version, when i m click yes than shows me a error.

Ritesh Shah said...

When i double click the tally7.2 icon on the desktop all that happens is that the arrow show a mouse hand and nothing happens. when i check the task manager i see a process of tally7.2.exe running but tally won't show up on screen. i have reinstalled tally a couple of times but the problem persist. I have recently installed a new total internet sercurity suit Kaspersky.
Advice what can be done.

rddin said...

I am using Tally 7.2, rel 1.42.
I am getting following error at 'Company alter' & other mode only in 1 company out of 7 as..

Exiting Tally!
Internal Error. Contact Tally Solutions
Software Exp. c0000005
(Memory Access Voiletion)

I tried to re-write the books, nothing happers.

Anonymous said...

I was using tally 6.3 now I have converted my backup in 7.2 format,and restored
in educationaltally 7.2.But Now I lost some entry in this converstion my cash balance shows -ve (credit).Please Help

Lovelish said...

I have tally 7.2.My data was corrupted dur to power failure.. even ALT-Ctrl-R is Not working ....What shall i do

Savindra said...

Hello sir
How to display total amount in words in Tally TDL

Anonymous said...

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Sujith said...

i am using tally 7.2
wn i am trying to take backup the
system asked to insert a cd..but by mistake i pressed the esc button..
now i cant enter the datas after date..means the date is not changing..
what i have to do.........?

champu said...

CHARS 128 (DONE 128)



Pankaj said...

I'm using 7.2. i have the same problem as above. My system hanged and had to restart manually. after restarting, when i opened tally, I got the message
Exiting Tally!
Size: 38144
Position: 38144
Chars: 128 (done 0).


Please help

Anonymous said...

Need Tally Data Recovery ?
Lost your Tally Password ?
Company not opening?
Data Corrupted?
Unable to access Tally data..??
Valuable data to be recovered?

For all kinds of Tally/Hard Disk Problems and needs, assured
Successful and GENUINE recovery please contact : Sanjay Sanghi
Mobile No 09460633837

san said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

While taking backup in tally 631 in some company , error message "could not complete backup" displayed and I am not able to take backup of that company. I have to take backup by copying folder only. what could be the reason and what is the solution.

arshi said...

am using Tally 7.2, rel 1.42.
I am getting following error at 'Company alter' & other mode only in 1 company out of 7 as..

Exiting Tally!
Internal Error. Contact Tally Solutions
Software Exp. c0000005
(Memory Access Voiletion)

I tried to re-write the books, nothing happers.

Anonymous said...

If any one have any problem with any versioin of Tally then they must do contact to me:- May be I will help you.....

I will wait for your querry on the following email address:-
Vikram Kumar
Contact No.: 9711273118

Don't hesitate.....


Hi Every body......

feel relax when u hav any problem with your any version of Tally, Coz I'm here for your Help. If u hav any critical error/problem with the Tally then u send me your querry I will help your through email or telephonically as well be possible for me.....

I'm waiting for your querry......

Most Welcome on the following links:-
Vikram Kumar Sharma
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TallyHelper said...

Vikram ji
this is in response to your enthusiasm to work in Tally.
ApniTally needs someone like you who is ready to help others.
If you want to tell anybody how to do some thing in Tally then don't wait.
Switch on your computer write some thing on tally and mail it to apnitally. we would give you the space
Don't worry about grammer, writing style etc. Apnitally would correct it automatically.
Hope to hear some thing from you.

Abhimanyu Saraf said...

Dear Tallyhelper,

Thanx a lot for your help. I have been able to restore the data from the error by using the command Ctrl+alt+R at the selection menu. THANX !!!

Prem said...

We can recover / crack Tally 9, Tally 7.2 Password Guaranteed. Tally Password Recovery Will Be Done in Just 24 Hrs. And Will Be mailed to you. Contact : premsharma101 @ gmail .com

alok said...

Alok Said

I am getting error while converting data from tally 7.2 to tally 9
the Error is
Error: 230: No Date given for Bill '1916'!(FOR OBJECT: 'AJANTA ARTS')

Anonymous said...

Hello I Cnt restore from tally 7.2 to tally 9 how to do plz help me

BR Beniwal said...

I recently restored a company from Pen Drive after Crash of previous version. It works fine but when i opens a perticular entry in that company, a popup appears and says "Exiting Tall". and then it closes.
please help!

Jayeshkumar said...

Dear Tally Helpher
I want Profit & Loss Appropriation Account in Profit and Loss Account

it means when we see PL account Appropriation account should show next to pl account just like what we do in manual accounting
please send me trick on :
it very urgent for me
Jayeshkumar 9890472924

Swamy said...

Dear Sir,
we have tally 7.2 version, now we surrender the licence in one system, we want to install to other system the same 7.2 version,
when i'm trying to activate the tally it is showing error code is 11170000, pls give me solution on this,


Anonymous said...

dear sir,
i have tally 7.2, i did some enteries last week. i have around 5 companies in my tally. but now it is showing only 4 companies. it is not showing the company that i have opened in this financial year.
what can be the problem.. ? please suggest something.

Anonymous said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
file D:\tally\data\0002\manager
size 284288
position 180224
chars 128(done128)

I to tried to rewrite data but failed and the above still shows when trying to open the company,please advise.

mukesh said...

Hi i have a tally 8.1. its upgrated from tally 7.2 but now its help feature doesn't work.
pls. help me
mukesh kumar

Anonymous said...

I am using Tally 7.2, rel 1.42.
I am getting following error at 'Company alter' & other mode only in 1 company out of 7 as..

Exiting Tally!
Internal Error. Contact Tally Solutions
Software Exp. c0000005
(Memory Access Voiletion)

I tried to re-write the books, nothing happers.

zoher said...

In tally 7.2 a company's name has been created twice and now tally does not open. I get following message " Eixiting Tally. Internal error. Contact Tally Solutions."
Debug location.
"Omnipotent Marketing' (id:696)is duplicated in Company "Prima"

What can be done to resolve this.

Anonymous said...

i recvd the backup of my branch office (tbk900.001);But cannot restore. When i select company and press ALT F3, it says insert disk to drive!

Anonymous said...

I want to export the transactions of a particular ledger from one company to another in Tally only.

I have tried by using the option Export/Import but it didn't worked.

pls guide me to do so.

Anonymous said...

1) i am unable to edit the name of the company. How it is possible
2) i am also wish to know how we can Split data of a company to many years

Anonymous said...

i have tally 7.2 data
when i select com.
then its not open give such err. like this

company date details changed.
need to rewrite before proceeding.

i also try to ctr+alt+r
its not working give plz give me solu

Vinod Kumar said...

I have also another tricks

Pankil said...

i want to see appropriation items in profit and loss account can u help me on that matter

Anonymous said...

Hi All. This is Ami-Vishal.

While working on tally there was a power failure.

When the power was on all the accounts of tally opened except one bank account which I was working on. and I got following error message

"Exiting Tally !!

File C:\Tally54\Data\001\Tr1309.500
Size 896
Position 896
Char : (0 done)."

Can anyone help me. How to get back the account

Anonymous said...

While splitting company i am getting the message as " no entries in voucher" what does that mean? how can i split the company now? please help.


i recently took backup on my of tally running tally 9 on my machine which was running on vista, now i have formatted the machine and i am using xp, i have installed tally 9 done a restore of my account from the backup, it now shows all account but i am unable to edit any of the entries, also i am able unable to create new entries on certain dates but the same entries are being accepted if i change the dates

pls help

Anonymous said...

I am using tally 7.2 and due to OS problem i had to format my PC, i took a bakup of tally(by copying the folder). Now am not able access on it. it is in educational mode. and when i activate it using the key, its showing as "licence is already activated please surrender it and try again". but how do i surrender it?.Please reply doing the needfull.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 separate versions of Tally, 7.2 & 6.3 in 2 separate computers. By mistake I restored the backup of tally 7.2 in the 6.3 version. Not my tally 6.3 is not even opening and I keep getting version conflict messages.

Pls help

Computer Solutions said...

You call Me On My Mobile No:09993596897 I will explain to you

Bluffmaster said...

Hi ..
i surrendered my tally 9 and installed the tally 9 in another computer now if i take back up and restore it the new system its say wrong version of tally what is the problem

TallyHelper said...

Check both the releases they must be same.
i.e. at present both should be Tally.ERP9 rel 1.5
If the release you are now activating is lower then what it was previously installed then this problem arises.

Anonymous said...

I have stock codes under one company i want to copy the same stock codes into another. Please tell me i can do or not in Tally

Anonymous said...

I am getting the problem: Exiting Tally
File : C:TallydataTr01318.500
Size: 49920
Char: 128 (Done 0)

I tried re-write, now it is displaying until last month, but allowing to access this month's data and also create new vouchers.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

exiting tally
file: 'c:\Tally\Data\0003\Tr01318.500'
Size: 1080448 Position:1080448 Chars: 128(done 0)

unable to open company
unable to rewrite

Anonymous said...

exiting tally file: 'c:\Tally\Data\0003\Tr01318.500'Size: 1080448 Position:1080448 Chars: 128(done 0)

unable to open company

pls mail me how to resolve above issue .


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sandip said...

File Damaged.\r\nFile c:\tally\data\0002\manager.500

after displaying the above message i am restart tally7.2 but in company list the above company not shows. when i am search the data folder the above data folder exist but in tally its not shows. can u pls solve the problem sir.

Anonymous said...

following eror are shown when i am open tally

asking to rewrite data every time and after press r the eror
Exiting TALLY!
Size : 512
Position : 5252608
Chars: 512(done).

and tally get shut done.

Pls tell me what to do
my mail is

Anonymous said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
file D:\tally\data\0002\manager
size 284288
position 180224
chars 128(done128)

I to tried to rewrite data but failed and the above still shows when trying to open the company,please advise.

Tally Solutions said...

Send your data by ZIP file to I can give the solution to u


Sandeep said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
file D:\tally9.1\datatally9\1000\TransMgr.900
size 16595968
position 16595968
chars 512(0)

I to tried to rewrite data but failed and the above still shows when trying to open the company,please advise.


Saurabh said...


soon after i go to open a company particular month ,, i get the below error ,, its not going ,, i tried re-write as well
Exiting Tally!
Internal Error. Contact Tally Solutions
Software Exp. c0000005
(Memory Access Violation)'

please any buddy help out here ..... i will be very thank full to u ..

Anonymous said...

i work on tally 7.2 and take backup on regular basis .recently my firm did not take any backup and one day my hdd crashed.but before that i copied all the data folders onto a cd.
now i want to know how to back it up on tally.
also specified when i open tally it asks me to restore but whenever i specify the path it declines.

please help me .this data involves millions and also the data of over 1000 workers and most importantly my job.

please help me

send on my email id

ROHIT said...

Thank you Apni Tally.
My Tally file got corrupted.
I got through with your Ctrl+AlT+R Suggestion,
Worked great!
Great Work Guys.
I'll be regylar here.
Thanks once again
Rohit, Delhi

Anonymous said...

While splitting company i am getting the message as " no entries in voucher" what does that mean? how can i split the company now? please help.

Anonymous said...

I have problem. my tally data gets corrupted. I was taken backup on 12 PM but from 12 PM to 6 PM we make so many entries on that day & unfortunately my data gets corrupted. Thanks for given proper solution (Ctrl+Alt+R). Thanks Again..

mahendra said...

I am using tally72. Last day due to power problem my data got corrupt. I used Cont+ Alt+ R to rewrite cmpany information and got the following message:

FILE DAMAGED c:\Tally\data\0001\tr01322.500
Size 153088
Position 153088
Chars 128(done 0)

Kindly send solutions to
Mahendra Agarwal

battery said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
file r:\tally.erp9\data9\10022\TransMgr.900
size 512
position 142848
chars 512(0)

I to tried to rewrite data but failed and the above still shows when trying to open the company,please advise.

My email id:

Anonymous said...

i want to run my tally 5.4 on windows mobile6.0 and /or windows CE UMPC/MID. is there any way??/ pl. help me out

Pujan said...

i formatted my pc but forgot to recover the data..
as i innstalled tally in d drive,
the data folder is in d drive ..
but there is no .0001 file
there is only 0001 folder which has some files...

now is there any way to get that data back?

Anonymous said...

i am working on tally 5.4.The voucher entry tab did not open today.some error message also appeared.
So i pressed ctrl+alt+r in order to rewrite it.
next time i started tally , i found that i was able to make entries through voucher entry tab but some of my entries got deleted.
Now the problem is i dont have a backup of the last time i worked on it.
Please help. is there any solution by which i can retrieve the lost data?

danish said...

hey, recently my external hard disk got a dangerous virus which made all my files disappear on the external, but they are still there as my external has the same used space as before. i tried using pandora recovery but it doesnt support tally file. pls help me!

aron said...

i using tally 5.4 and recently my hard crash and now i have lost all the data so Please help. is there any solution by which i can retrieve the lost data? sir ples hellp..
mobil no. 09774746054

neeraj said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
size 123136
position 123008
chars 128 (done 128)

neeraj said...

tally 7.2
exiting tally!
file damaged
size 123136
position 123008
chars 128 (done 128)

sir pls help me
neeraj gupta

chirag said...


My company data is corrupted

i am using tally 9 v 1.0

my company is not showing in select company option of tally, but it is in data folder.

i have tried ctr+alt+r, it is not working. is there any other way,

plz help me


Arun said...

In company list my company is not showing. when i look in the data folder the folder exists but in tally its not shows. Any idea about this?

Anonymous said...


I have the same problem which Arun and Chirag are Facing.

My Dad's Office computer has Windows 98 in it and he is using Tally 5.4

A few days ago the computer's motherboard had gone bad and they replaced the motherboard but after that one of the company's name is not listed in the Tally's Index or the Select a Company Menu in Tally. However, I checked and the folder for that company does exists.

I tried various ways to try and recover that company but none of them worked.

I Tried using Ctrl+Alt+R but the company's name is not listed in that list as well. I then tried to move the folder into Tally 7.2 and that did not work as well. I also tried and created a new company withthe same name and moved the files from the old folder to the new one but no results.

Please Help ne on this.

Thanks in Advance.

TallyHelper said...

It seems that your hard disk is also replaced or formatted.
As you said the company folder exists then it should be in data directory and it should be numbered as 001 or 002 etc. make sure you mention the correct path.
Check if it is not named or renamed.
If the folder is there and still not listed then may be the contents of the folder are changed.
Lastly you can retrieve from backup if any.
Otherwise there seems no way.

pravin said...

exiting tally file: 'c:\Tally\Data\0003\Tr01318.500'Size: 1080448 Position:1080448 Chars: 128(done 0)

how to solve above error


h4cker said...

if anybody needs to recover tally data, will give a try ,,.
but you must pay me 50$
25$ is my service charge which you should pay in upfront and rest of 25$ after job.... contact me at msn,,,

h4cker said...

and the 25$ upfront is non-returnable.....

Anonymous said...

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email recovery said...

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Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

how to convert tally 7.2 data in tally 9

Anonymous said...

i am unable to view a particular company in the list of companies menu although data is there. i cannot work in this compnay as am not able to open it. this happened due to pwer failure while working in that company. kindly help me find a solution

Allliance said...

am unable to view a particular company in the list of companies menu although data is there. i cannot work in this compnay as am not able to open it. this happened due to pwer failure while working in that company. kindly help me find a solution

SUSHIL said...


lalit said...

i lost my tally data by formating the drive but some how i recoverd it but now when i am try to rewrite it by pressin cntrl+ alt+ R but now it showing an error.
Exitin Tally!
Internal Error. Contact Tally Solutions.
Unable to create company in path D:\tally_9.0\data\10000

now please suggest me how can i access it.
mail me on

dnr said...

hi,this is naveen
my system i restore me system for 6 month.the 6 month data are how to recover me data..,pls tell

Anonymous said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
file D:\tally\data\0002\Tr01338.500
size 24576
position 24192
chars 128(done128)

narendra said...

exiting tally!
file damaged
file D:\tally\data\0002\Tr01338.500
size 24576
position 24192
chars 128(done128)

above problem persist
pls report fast 5-10-11

Rakesh said...

I am using TallyGold 9 and use Cost Centres. I had moved certain data from Cost Centres to Ledger accounts and then I wanted to do more such operations. For this purpose, I followed this path:-

Display > State of Accounts > Cost Centres > Category Summary

At this point, Tally shows an error screen that says:-

Exiting TALLY!
Internal Error. Contact Tally Solutions.
Software Exception c000005
(Memory Access Violation)

On pressing Enter, Tally exits.

Please guide what to do. I am scared of using Tally any more for the fear of losing further work.

Thanks for help.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir, I use Tally 7.2 and someone came in and messed up the company computers somehow. You're help has been very vital in restoring a lot of my work, however now Tally does not print. It wont recognize a printer and the printer works fine. I have used it to print other programs. Even when you click the 'Select printer' button it does not help. Is there a solution to this?

Anonymous said...

dear sir, i'm using tally.erp9.i have taken a backup and when i try to restore it the data was not present there....i tried by rewriting it also doesn't work. i can open my data using my user name and password buy no voucher entry is there...... how it happens? is there any solution to get my data back?
please help me
thank you

bikash hamal

Glaston said...

Hey all for the following problem

exiting tally!
file damaged
file r:\tally.erp9\data9\10022\TransMgr.900
size 512
position 142848
chars 512(0)

Open Data Folder

Open the 10001 folder (What company not able to repair)

Delete .TSF files having 0KB and 1KB

Now try repair It works

Glaston Benatic Paul.J

avi said...

if print dosent come in ur tally

first check ur network connections to the printer

second make sure that u have selected correct printer

finally restart ur pc and check it out

pooja said...

dear sir

i have been working in tally for one month.yesterday my pc got shutdown bcoz of power cut and now when i tried to open the company it says that file has been damaged i hav no backup of that company.and i tried to press ctrl+alt+r but the rewriting option is not being shown.plz help me there has been one year data.


Anonymous said...

exiting tally file: 'd:\brijal\Tally\Data\0003\Tr01346.500'Size: 57472 Position:57472 Chars: 128(done 0)

how to solve above error



Anonymous said...


Why doesn't data transfer from pirated to licensed tally sync? I mean to say that two people one working on licensed tally and other on pirated one, they can't send data to each other.. why is that? and how can the problem be solved?

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,

recently my data on tally was accidentally deleted but when trying to recover it, we cant find any data on specific dates but i have recovered the very old data which we don't need it.

any help is highly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

i have lost my last five year data in tally so how can i see in tally 7.2 data





Shailendra Yadav said...

You have to surrender it first and then reactivate it. use control center to surrender your tally.

Shailendra Yadav said...

Data from same version of tally can be exchanged. If you are facing such problem then the versions and releases of both tally would be different. Check out. The version of pirated tally is always older and the original tally is latest.

Shailendra Yadav said...

Try re writing the data.

Shailendra Yadav said...

Check Out this post on data migration

Sumit said...

I am using tally erp9. While passing a entire tally get closed with an error msg. and i was not able to open the co. and after rewriting i opened co but the entries i had passed are not coming. kindly suggest what can i do.

My email id is:-

SANJU said...


Ilaya Raja said...

tally error code:2147483650
Our Sysstem AMC Person to do the solve problem , but Tally shown no voucher entry
How to get my data ,

Anonymous said...


My Tally 9.214 has corrupted.When i click on the tally it reads' FILE CORRUPTED. PLEASE RUN A VIRUS-CHECK,THEN REINSTALL THE APPLICATION'. I dont have any backup. What should i do?

kawaljeet said...

Sir, i forget my Tally erp9 user name and password in 1 company,Please give me any solution for this problem...

sabina tiwari said...

i hav enterred wrong bill of other company in my tally in 2013 due to this i hav suffer from probleme now can i delete that voucher or not ............

Senthil said...

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Senthil said...

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Senthil said...

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Senthil said...

send data to my mail
i can help you


Unknown said...

Dear Sir
We are using tally erp9.some Sales invoice saved and printed, but then we deleted some goods items deleted after two we can see the deleted items anyway.?



Chandru N said...

when i changed period in tally9 it shows only opening balance and closing balance only. what should i do

Anonymous said...

I am using 7.2 all companies data is ok only I am facing problem in one company error is "internal error" contact tally Solution , "Insert Failure" PLEASE heLP

Shiv Shakti Metal said...

I am using Tally erp9 1.1 When i rewrite data the data is stop on 50% to 60% .
i am tried to 3 time then sane problam. then i do rewrite data take backup do no . now my data is not show in open data and also not show in Rewrite data.
Plz Slove my problam.


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