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Exporting data from tally.- A quick Preview

What to Export ?
Tally has a facility to export its data to other applications like spreadsheets, word processing software and other database software. Export of data is provided mainly for summaries and statement reports like Trial Balance, Stock Summary, etc. You can export it to another company using Tally that will import it directly.

How to Export?
You can export all reports and statements. For this a separate export button is provided in right hand button bar. To do this go to any report e.g. day book you to export or any statement e.g. balance sheet. You would see export button on top right hand side on button bar. Press it and a screen would pop up with export related options.

The first option is format of data to be exported namely ASCII, HTML, SDF, and XML. Which ever application you are importing this data in would decide in which format you should export the data.
For statements like balance sheets and trial balance which we use to send and import file in word and excel etc. HTML format is good. We need minimum formatting in this format while using it in MS Word and MS Excel.
certain applications accept continuous data where we have defined field length. Then ASCII format is better.
For application which accept SDF and XML format these formats can be chosen.

Give a file name and the exported file is saved in the parent Tally directory on your computer. You can now use that file to import its contents into another program, send it as it is (say if it is HTML file) to a colleague or view it using a browser.

Your comments and suggestions are invited.

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Anonymous said…
exiting tally
position 192000
chars 128
Shailendra said…
You need to rewrite tally data by pressing Ctrl + Alt +R at F3 Company selsection menu menu
Unknown said…
tally is the best soft ware for accounting.

Anonymous said…
how to open the exported file of tally in to excel sheet?
anybody help me how to recover password from tally 5.4
Export and email options not working..

thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
could anybody guide me in designing crystal report with tally dsn
Anonymous said…
Hello there

If we wanted to export data transactions from Tally 6.3 to MYOB or Accountants Office - what would be the best format to export out of Tally.


Barry Baker
Anonymous said…
I need to access tally report using script or programming language for my application. How can I do that?
Anonymous said…
would you tell me how many days it will take to an arabic,urdu version of tally
Anonymous said…
i m mirza

want to ask you a question regarding tally arabic version how much time it will take to complete arabic version of tally we are waiting for it.
Anonymous said…

Savindra said…
am trying to export tallydata from tally with my own application using XML, but am unable to export invoices from tally.
Can any one helpme plz


Savindra said…
How to edit .tcp file in tally
dipin c h said…
how to issue stock in tally for production
Manas said…
i m using tally 5.4 , i want to export my balance sheet to excel , how can i do ?
plz replz me imdly in my email id
Anonymous said…
How to Export from tally 9.0 as sdf format
Anonymous said…
I Want to Customers & Suppliers Address to be export in Tally 9 , Is it possible, Please Help me out in this.

Any body also see the sollution of accounting problems in my website
Anonymous said…
can you synchronise tally data on 2 computers having 7.2 without internet? e.g. thru a data CD or USB pen drive.
Roy said…
how to use the import of Data under Import option
Unknown said…
can i export in excel format with tally 7.2
as in tally 9
Rumesh said…
i want to export costcenters to xml in tally 9. presently i am able to export every sost centers seperately. but, i need to take a consolidated cost center report. kindly help.

Anonymous said…
migration tool for 7.2 to 9 please email me
Anonymous said…
In version 6.3 of Tally how do I export Stock Transfer notes with their STN numbers?
Vinod Kumar said…
Educative tutorial
Unknown said…
Hi, I Need To ask.. that i want all the vouchers from A to B and just vouchers.. i have exported day book.. but import is not working.. Can anyone help me.
Kemparaju said…
Hi, i'm Kemparaju,

Can any body suggest me, is there any option to Export the Reports to Excel with Formula.
Unknown said…
i have doubt, when i export the sales registry to the excel sheet, the dates are not displyed properly. only the first few dates of every month are displayed. For the rest its filled up with " EDUCATIONAL" . CAN any one please tell me the reason
Rupesh Shah said…

Above Link to a PDF, explains about Import / Export Data from/into Tally.

Rupesh Shah
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Can anyone please tell me how to export data from a POS application developed in Delphi to Tally 9 and vice versa. Please let me know if u know of any website where i could find a DLL/SDK/API etc for this.

Unknown said…
i want to trans some one group entries from one company to another company is it possible in tally ?
Unknown said…
i want to trans some one group entries from one company to another company is it possible in tally ?

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