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Upgrade your Tally before 15th Aug !!

If you haven't made up your mind to upgrade your Tally yet then this is the right time to do so. Tally is offering upgrade for tally products at a concessional rates. Presently you can get almost 50% discount on your purchase. This scheme is going to end after 15th Aug. Tally 7.2 silver to tally8.1 silver upgrade which is available at Rs.2700/- now would cost Rs. 3600/- after 15th Aug. Similarly Price of Tally Gold upgrade is also going to increase from Rs. 4500/- to Rs.6300/-
More over 50% discount on Payroll Subscription would also be finished after 15th Aug. You would get payroll now at Rs. 4500/- although you have to wait for rel 1.2 of Tally8.1 to get it activated but you can always make a purchase.
So it is high time to make a right decision.

Now Comes the Question How to Upgrade?
To upgrade you have to purchase Tally Currency of similar value. For example for an upgrade of Rs. 2700/- You have to buy currency of Rs. 1800/- and Rs. 900/-. You would find a scrach card in that currency. Just scrach the card and find the number hidden under it.
Now Launch your Tally and select Shopping Cart from F12 Configuration. Use Online OR Offline method to make your purchase. You can see price list for confirmation of your upgrades. All possible upgrades are listed in the price list. But you have to be online while doing so.

An invoice like entry has to be made where you have to mention the upgrade you want and its value.
Then you have to enter scrach card nos. Press enter and Congrates you made the purchase.

Always try to do it online cos in off line process you can not see the current price list and risk of loss due to transactional process is more. However Tally has made every possible efforts to make offline process easier and secure.

You can drop a message here to purchase your TVP's or Tally currency.
For more details about Tally Value Packs go to FAQ's
Get an over view about Tally currency at This page

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