Tally Technology Programme-- Contents, Scope and Opportunities

Tally Technology Programme(TTP) is a programme which deals in teaching technologies of Tally. Until now source code of tally was confined to Tally Solutions only. Keeping in view the urgency of modification or customization of tally some source code was opened. A definition language was developed which is called Tally Definition Language (TDL) which is propriety of Tally Solutions. Any one who has understands TDL can modify any thing in Tally. What you need is knowledge of TDL and Tally Developer to compile the code.

Contents :
TTP is a designed as a comprehensive program for creating "Tally Technologist"” which are equipped with all the knowledge of Tally the technology behind it.
The course has three modules. The course covers a wide horizon of Tally Technology. The first module gives Basic Tally knowledge to making the student comfortable with the internals of Tally by giving knowledge on basic and advanced features of Tally.
The second module covers basic commands and syntex of TDL with industry specific examples and hands on exercises. User get understanding of structure of TDL and its way of functioning.
Third module handles advance features like external connectivity of tally with other softwares.
Two flavours of this course are available for the students.
For those who want to learn TTP and get job need to only learn TTP with unbundled option in which no software is given.
For those professional who want to take up this as their business then tally gives required softwares like Tally Silver and Tally Developer with the course.
Fee off course is different for both versions and depends on student's choice.
Scope and Opportunities :-
The course has been designed and developed in sync with the industry'’s requirements. There is a growing need for customization of Tally. Tally has opened the doors for people who want to get into this business as industry requires professionals who have a good knowledge base of ins and outs of the Tally Technology.
As the customization of Tally takes forefront in the finance industry, more and more job opportunities are getting created for which there is very limited resource pool. A student who takes up the TTP course bridges this gap and hence gets best of both Tally as well as the Tally Technology.
As Tally Ascent, Tally's own ERP software is on its way, the growing need for professionals who would implement the ERP is also there. At present who ever learns TTP can earn a handsome salary.
So the opportunities in this field are numerous. More over tally's placement service is in dire need of these students who can implement its client's ERP projects.


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syed obaid said...

U have identified a very criticL area of Tally..

Plz do let me know about this course...

I m currently working in Dubai..

Is there any institute providing this training?

Fee structure etc..

U can mail me at dotintellect@gmail.com..

Syed obaid Hussain


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