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Tally Certified Professional (TCP) is an umbrella brand for all kind of certifications which tally does. Just like any other certification this is a try from tally solutions to generate its own certified professionals. As industry needs more and more tally professionals not only in the field of tally accounting but also in Tally ERP and tally customization, TCP is to set standards in all these area.
Any professional who is TCP can get a boost in his career just by this certification. He can demand more salary as he is certified by Tally itself.

You can build your credibility as a high quality accounting professional and attract prospective employers from diverse industry segments in the country and outside.
This Certification can give you global recognition and makes you as specialist in finance and accounting.

Currently two types of certifications are available:-

Tally Financial accountant Certification
Tally Technology Certification

Tally Financial Accountant Certification (TFAC)This certification comes after clearing 90 minutes exam which consists of multiple choice questions that test your knowledge on business accounting and business environment, using Tally. This certification can place you as expert in finance and accounting.

Tally Technology Certification (TTC)
This certification tests your proficiencies in tally technologies. As Developer in tally are needed This certification recognizes you as professional with development abilities in tally.

How to Become TCP
To become a TCP of any kind you have to go at any authorized Tally Academy and get the necessary training. After completing the training you can go for examination for which you have to buy examination cards. Clear the examination at any center and certification would reach at you home.

If you think you have enough capabilities and you need no training then you can skip the training part and straight away attend the online examination at your selected schedule at selected venue by buying TCP exam card. Come on the predefined date and time and clear the online examination. If cleared then wolla!!! you are TCP Tally Certified Professional.
Otherwise you have to attend the exam again by purchasing another exam card.

full registration process can be found here.
List of Tally Academies can be found here.
TCP Exam cards can be bought by placing the order on this form with your email address


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