30 July 2006

Release 1.1 of Tally8.1 available now

For those who has upgraded to tally 8.1 new release of 1.1 is available on site for download. Minor corrections which were awaited in Tally8.1 has been done. To name few synchronization of data has been enhanced. Now you can synchronise vouchers which has been deleted or altered. Previously user was not allowed to delete the vouchers after synchronization. Migration of tally data from 7.2 to Tally 8.1 has been enhanced now data is migrated a little bit quicker. For More details you can see the full details of release notes at this link.

Stat.slk version 44 is also there on site for download. New AT forms for Rajasthan sates has been added which includes Form VAT 07, 08, 09 and 12. For more details you can go at this link for stat notes.

27 July 2006

How to Migrate Data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1

The Process of Migrating data from Tally 7.2 to 8.2 is very simple. However it takes can take a lot of time if the existing company is having big data. Before converting data you should take backup of your existing data.
  • To start with first of all download tally from tally's site.
  • Run Install.exe in a separate folder tally8.1. Now activate the license of Tally 8.1. To Migrate data from 7.2 to 8.1 it is necessary to have an activated version of 8.1.
  • Go to Tally 8.1 folder and locate a file migration tool.
  • Start the tool by specifying the location of Tallt7.2 data which would be in c:\tally\data folder where your 7.2 version was installed.
  • Select a company and migrate. After whole process has ended it would make another fold in same location but with different name.
  • You can identify the folder easily as it would contain 4 numbers. e.g. Your existing folder would be 001 and new folder would be 0001.
  • Copy paste this newly created folder in c:\tally8.1\data and run tally.
You would see the new converted data.
If you face any problem then you can tell me by comment on this article.

23 July 2006

Should I Buy Tally 8.1 ? How Can I Get One ?

The Decision to Buy 8.1 or upgrade from 7.2 needs some thinking. There are certain questions which needed to be answered first before going for upgradation. The questions that would come in a user’s mind would be :- why should I upgrade? Wether this version is stable or not.? What would happen to my Data of 7.2? Can I convert it to 8.1 without paying any extra charges? How should I upgrade? What if I stick to my existing version only?

Now first question first why should I upgrade ?
Technology wise 8.1 is a brand new software and not an upgrade of 7.2. It means All shortcoming of Tally upto version 7.2 due to technical reason or what so ever reasons are left behind. Data structure of 8.1 is suppose to handle more and more data comfortably as compare to its earlier versions.
So if slow down is your problem due to large amount of data, then you should give 8.1 a try. More over for 45 days you can test 8.1 version by activating both versions side by side. Later on you can stick to 7.2 if you choose.
There are new features in tally8.1 which we all know like multilingual support, dealer level excise, FBT etc. Now you can copy data from any software to tally and from tally to any software in windows. You wouldn't get these upgrades if you choose to stick to 7.2.
Customization is easier in 8.1.

Is the version stable
Version is quite stable as of now and within 15 days newer patches would be available after user's response.

What would happen to data?
A conversion tool is available with 8.1 and your existing data would remain intact. How ever a back of existing data should be taken for safety purpose and the utility for migration of data from 7.2 to 8.1 is free.

How should I upgrade
The task to upgrade from any lower version to 8.1 is very simple. In case or up gradation from 7.2 single version to 8.1 single version it is going to cost you just 2700/- extra and 4500/-for gold version. But if you haven't gone for up gradation of your 6.3 to 7.2 yet then now for 6.3 users 8.1 is going to cost you 4500/- and 9000/- respectively for for silver and gold version. User have to buy TVP (Tally Value Pack ) of same amount and enter the serial no. in their 7.2 versions in License->shopping section of F12. Now your serial no is ready for 8.1. Download the latest version form site and activate it with your existing serial no and activation key.

What if I stick to existing version?
This is the easiest thing to do. If you stick to existing version then New features as well as future updates will not available to you. You would remain where you are. If there is any change in tax structure or forms etc, then they would not be available for old version users.

To Know more on other tally related issues you can watch this space.

12 July 2006

Tally 8.1 Launched Finally !

To add excitement in Tally Business new dimention has been added which was long awaited. Tally 8.1 has been launched. Company has given option to activate both Tally 7.2 as well as Tally 8.1 for 45 days. After that you have to surrender one version of your choice. New Things about Newer version is its multilingual capabilities and it new data structure. the Technical difference between the older version and newer version is that it is not the upgrade of Tally 7.2. It has been started from the scrach. If Tally Company has to believe then new database stucture would handle more data load with ease. Click on the link to get the latest update.

03 July 2006

Tally Technology Programme started forTallyAcademies

The Much awaited Tally Technology program's (TTP) which has great potential for Academies as well as students has been launched by Tally. The four months course has been so designed that it would give operational knowledge of Tally and Tally Developer language TDL (Tally Definition Language). Currently Tally itself and all Tally Authorized Service centers are in great demand for professional with these skills. As usual all students who clear TCP in TTP would be given job opportunities. It is note worthy that where as TFAP student would get a nominal salary of Rs.4500/- TTP student is expected to get salary in five digits. Tally has planned to give students with a Tally silver and Tally Developer professional version to every student with this course.