21 May 2006

VAT implimented for Rajasthan and other states

VAT has been implemented for states like Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. You can find state specific files on this link page. Download the pdf files availablle on this link page and find out the latest. Alternatively copy paste the link below. http://www.tallysolutions.com/vat/whatsvatimplementing.shtml

Launch of 8.1 delayed for another month

Hi, the launch of latest version of Tally 8.1 which is world,s first concurent multi lingual software has been delayed by another one month. Now users can get this software in the mid of June. According to reliable sources users who have bought new version will be able to download it from site itself from first of June itself. But CD packs would be available by 15th of June only.